100*40mm Large Suction 200kg Dc 5v/12v/24v Big Solenoid Electromagnet Electric Lifting Electro Strong Magnet

100*40mm Large Suction 200kg Dc 5v/12v/24v Big Solenoid Electromagnet Electric Lifting Electro Strong Magnet

List Price: US $25.74
Price: US $23.17
You save: US $2.57 (10%)
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List Price: US $25.74
Price: US $23.17
You save: US $2.57 (10%)
item specifics
Brand Name:
Model Number:
CX100 / 40
Rare Earth Magnet
Industrial Magnet
With Holes:
Holding Electric Magnet
Input Voltage:
DC 6V 12V 24V 36V
Holding Force:
2000n 500 pounds
100mm * 40mm
Round UFO
Insulation grade:
b (103oc)
Product description


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Size Suction


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Size Suction
(D*H) KG (D*H) KG
10/10 10*10 0.3 13/27 13*27 1
13/30 13*30 1 15/35 15*35 2
16/25 16*25 2 20/15 20*15 2.5
20/25 20*25 5 20/35 20*35 5
25/11 25*11 5 25/20 25*20 5
25/25 25*25 12 30/22 30*22 10
30/25 30*25 12 34/18 34*18 18
34/25 34*25 20 35/30 35*30 30
36/38 36*38 25 40/20 40*20 25
40/25 40*25 30 49/21 49*21 40
50/27 50*27 50 50/30 50*30 60
59/34 59*34 70 65/30 65*30 80
65/60 65*60 100 70/9 70*9 15
70/10 70*10 20 80/10 80*10 25
80/38 80*38 100 80/38 80*38 120
80/80 80*80 200 100/40 100*40 150
100/40 100/40 200 120/40 120*40 300
120/50 120*50 350 120/70 120*70 400
150/50 150*50 500 160/50 160*50 600

We will ship the model according to the order.

If you need to change the voltage, please leave a message in the order or contact us in time.

Notes: We often change the lables for convenient production! Please do notcare about it!


Electromagnets must meet the following conditions toachieve maximum suction:

1、The object to be suckedmust have agood magneticPermeability.

2、Proper useof power supply, rated voltage.

3、The object to be suckedmust beflat and clean.

4、The object to be suckedMUST BEgreater than or equal to the surface of the magnet

( For example: the magnet is 20*15 MM , sothe surface area is

S=R & sup2;the & pi;=10& sup2;the & pi; MM& sup2;

soThe object to be suckedMUST BEgreater than or equal to10& sup2;the & pi;MM& sup2; )

5、The object to be suckedMUST BEgreater than 8MM(if thethickness decreases, the suction decreases)

6、The object to be suckedMUST BEclose, the middlecan'tbe interspersed with objects or gaps

!!!Contrary to any conditions, suction will be reduced, not the maximum suction. !!!

Please pay attention when you want to buy. Refused to dispute, at your own risk.


Your satisfaction and positive feedback is very important to us. Please leave positive feedback and 5 stars if you are satisfied with our items and service. If you have any problems, please feel free to contact us firstly before you leave negative feedback. We will do our best to solve any problems and provide you with the best customer services.

Expert review
100*40mm Large Suction 200kg Dc 5v/12v/24v Big Solenoid Electromagnet Electric Lifting Electro Strong Magnet.
Review by: Daniel W.
I buy online all the time but every now and then you don’t get what you were offered. This time it as a good deal.

What caught my eye was the design. I didn’t think I’d see merch like this at a web store. So actually, I came to like the thing at first view. Though I I had my doubts about the quality when I placed the order for it. I kind of knew I’d better not expect decent quality. In the end I was wrong.

When my package arrived I was amazed by the quality of the thing. For me, it’s not so easy to buy such item made of fine materials. the thing turned out to be a fine deal! it’s a relief I purchased it. Never expected I’d get something of this quality at a web shop. I discovered a couple of similar items from other sellers but it wasn’t really anything special. Either the design or the quality appeared too bad so I didn’t want to take the risk.

I was looking for a present for my partner and I’m happy I purchased this at this web store. I read somewhere the merch is pretty popular among a lot of people. My soul mate has been using it for some time now and appears pretty happy. So you could say I was lucky to come upon this shop.
Overall Rating
Review Summary
it’s a fortune I ordered this thing. The web site offered the best quality and price by contrast to others. Nothing to complain about.
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