100pcs 10×1.5mm Neodymium Disc Super Strong Rare Earth Fridge Magnets N50

100pcs 10×1.5mm Neodymium Disc Super Strong Rare Earth Fridge Magnets N50

List Price: US $5.28
Price: US $4.49
You save: US $0.79 (15%)
List Price: US $5.28
Price: US $4.49
You save: US $0.79 (15%)
item specifics
Model Number:
Neodymium Magnet
Industrial Magnet
Product description

Material: NdFeB magnetic materials

Product Size: Diameter 10mm x Thick 1.5mm


Quantity: 100

Creative Uses

1 Wedding corsage badges, etc., can be replaced with a magnet attracts

every other clothes pins, so as not to damage the dress.

2 Wedding car with flowers fixed with magnets convenient alternative to multiple use

3 For the overlying metal drawing board for fixing the drawing paper. Magnetic blackboard

whiteboard fixed file drawings.

4 Advertising magnets available to replace the original fixtures, at any time

convenient to replace the ad content.

5 Interior design with a small magnet fishing games, fishing waters to avoid the risk of children.

6 Models piling, you can use small magnets to connect two widgets.

7 Studio, bulk magnet can be used to adsorb screws and other parts, even wrenches and other tools

Package include

100 x N50 Neodymium Magnet

Expert review
100pcs 10×1.5mm Neodymium Disc Super Strong Rare Earth Fridge Magnets N50.
Review by: Anton F.
I always buy stuff at web stores and always try to be careful with what I order. I guess everyone know what it is to find a thing that turns out to be much worse than the seller promised. So I decided to make a review here.

Surely the merch was a fine deal. For a long time I’ve been on the lookout for an item of the same design but I couldn’t find anything I liked. I was always doubting either about the cost or the design of the merchandise. When I saw this merchandise, I decided to try it and I got what I wanted.

Initially I was sure that the item would be nothing special at best or happen to be ruined during delivery. But it was great to find that it was all right and it matches the description at the web site. In fact at first I didn’t expect anything at all but later figured out that I got lucky to order this product.

For a kickoff, one should mention the amazing quality of the materials. For this sort of models, the quality is significant. As for this model, If you ask me, my experience tells me, it is worth the its cost. By contrast to other web stores, web shops, this one offered a fair price for the quality of the product.

I’ve been using the merch for a couple of weeks already and up until now there was no problem at all. Who could expect I’d be so lucky to purchase something that good!
Overall Rating
Review Summary
I totally love the merchandise. I rarely happen to find something interesting in the internet but this time I was lucky to purchase something this good and for a nice price.
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