1pcs 3/4” 14mm Dishwasher Water Inlet Solenoid Valve Male Connect thread For Washing Machine Cleaner AC 220V~240V

1pcs 3/4” 14mm Dishwasher Water Inlet Solenoid Valve Male Connect thread For Washing Machine Cleaner AC 220V~240V

List Price: US $9.07
Price: US $5.44
You save: US $3.63 (40%)
List Price: US $9.07
Price: US $5.44
You save: US $3.63 (40%)
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item specifics
Model Number:
Water Inlet Solenoid Valve
Standard or Nonstandard:
Port Size:
like description shown
Power Source:
Actuator Mode:
Without Manual And Instruction
Brand Name:
Plastic, Alloy
like description shown
Temperature of Media:
Product description



  • Brand new

  • Material: Plastic, Alloy

  • Connector Size(approx.): 3/4″ , 14mm

  • Angle: 90°

  • Type: single valve

  • Connect thread type: Male

  • Working temperature: 0-80 °

  • Voltage: AC 220V~240V 50/60Hz

  • Applications: Washing machine/dishwasher/ice machine/coffee machine/dry cleaner/other small appliances

  • Fit for following models (may fit for other models):

  • BOSCH SGS53C12GB/21, SGS5312GB/12, SGS5348GB/17, SGS53A02GB/42, SGS53C12GB/22, SGS5312GB/13, SGS5358GB/17, SGS53A02GB/44, SGS53C12UK/01, SGS5318GB/12, SGS5362GB/01, SGS53A12GB/01, SGS53C12UK/02, SGS5318GB/13, SGS5362GB/13, SGS53A12GB/04, SGS53E12FF/90, SGS53E22FF/26, SGS55A12EU/08, SGS55E02FF/31, SGS55M82EU/05, SGS53E22FF/31, SGS55A12EU/15, SGS55E02FR/05, SGS55M82EU/09, SGS53E22FR/05, SGS55A12EU/16, SGS55E02FR/09, SGS55M82TR/08, SGS53E22FR/09, SGS55A12EU/20, SGS55E02FR/10, SGS55M82TR/09, SGS53E22FR/10, SGS55C02GB/01, SGS55E12FF/90, SGS55M82TR/10, SGS53T02GB/01, SGS55C02GB/71, SGS55E12GB/35, SGS55M85EU/02, SGS53T02GB/06, SGS55C02GB/75, SGS55E12GB/56, SGS55M85EU/04, SGS53T02GB/07, SGS55E02AU/30, SGS55E28EU/73, SGS55M85EU/05, SGS53T02GB/08, SGS55E02AU/76, SGS55M82EU/02, SGS55M85EU/09, SGS55A12EU/01, SGS55E02FF/26, SGS55M82EU/04, SGS55M85EU/10, SGS55M85TR/08, SGS56E18GB/86, SGS57E18GB/35, SGS6002BR/01, SGS55M85TR/09, SGS56E18GB/90, SGS57E18GB/36, SGS6002BR/03, SGS55M85TR/10, SGS57E02GB/47, SGS57E22GB/35, SGS6002BR/04, SGS56A72GB/17, SGS57E02GB/56, SGS57E22GB/73, SGS6302GB/06, SGS56E02GB/35, SGS57E08GB/47, SGS57E32GB/73, SGS6302GB/07, SGS56E02GB/45, SGS57E08GB/56, SGS57E42GB/01, SGS6302GB/12, SGS56E02GB/47, SGS57E12GB/17, SGS57E42GB/82, SGS6302GB/13, SGS56E12GB/01, SGS57E12GB/35, SGS57E42GB/86, SGS6312GB/04, SGS56E12GB/86, SGS57E12GB/36, SGS57E42GB/90, SGS6312GB/07, SGS56E18GB/01, SGS57E18GB/17, SGS59A22GB/17, SGS6312GB/12, SGS6312GB/13, SGS65E08BR/10, SGS65L28GB/04, SGS6612GB/01, SGS6322GB/07, SGS65L02GB/17, SGS65L28GB/07, SGS6612GB/03, SGS6322GB/12, SGS65L02GB/36, SGS65L28GB/10, SGS6612GB/05, SGS6322GB/13, SGS65L12GB/01, SGS65M02TR/08, SGS6612GB/07, SGS6342GB/07, SGS65L12GB/04, SGS65M02TR/09, SGS6612GB/12, SGS6342GB/12, SGS65L18GB/01, SGS65M02TR/10, SGS66A02GB/13, SGS6342GB/13, SGS65L18GB/04, SGS65M08TR/08, SGS66A02GB/17, SGS6352GB/17, SGS65L22GB/01, SGS65M08TR/09, SGS66A02GB/20, SGS65A12FF/01, SGS65L22GB/07, SGS65M08TR/10, SGS66A02GB/21, SGS65E08BR/09, SGS65L22GB/10, SGS6612FF/01, SGS66A02GB/22, SGS66A08GB/13, SGS66E08GB/47, SGS69A02GB/13, SGS69L18GB/13, SGS66A08GB/17, SGS6922GB/01, SGS69A02GB/17, SGS8812GB/27, SGS66A08GB/20, SGS6922GB/02, SGS69A02GB/20, SGS8812GB/35, SGS66A08GB/21, SGS6922GB/05, SGS69A02GB/21, SGS8812GB/38, SGS66A08GB/22, SGS6922GB/07, SGS69A02GB/22, SGS8812GB/42, SGS66E02GB/35, SGS6922GB/12, SGS69L02GB/17, SGS8812GB/44, SGS66E02GB/45, SGS6922GB/13, SGS69L02GB/22, SGU40E02SK/16, SGS66E02GB/47, SGS6952GB/13, SGS69L02GB/24, SGU40E02SK/21, SGS66E08GB/35, SGS6962GB/13, SGS69L12GB/01, SGU40E02SK/22, SGS66E08GB/45, SGS6962GB/17, SGS69L12GB/18, SGU40E02SK/23, SGU40E02SK/24, SGU43E25AU/04, SGU53E05AU/77, SGV43E93EU/26, SGU40E02SK/26, SGU43E25AU/05, SGU53E75AU/01, SGV43E93EU/28, SGU40E02SK/31, SGU43E32SK/16, SGU53E75AU/82, SGV43E93EU/29, SGU40E02SK/32, SGU43E62SK/22, SGU53E75AU/86, SGV43E93EU/31, SGU40E02SK/36, SGU43E62SK/23, SGV43A23EU/13, SGV43E93EU/33, SGU43E15AU/21, SGU43E72SK/16, SGV43A23EU/16, SGV43E93EU/36, SGU43E15AU/22, SGU44E12SK/26, SGV43A23EU/19, SGV53E23GB/01, SGU43E15AU/23, SGU53E05AU/30, SGV43A23GB/01, SGV53E23GB/82, SGU43E22SK/16, SGU53E05AU/71, SGV43A23GB/08, SGV53E23GB/86, SGU43E25AU/02, SGU53E05AU/76, SGV43E93EU/23, SGV53E23GB/90, SGV53E23GB/93, SKT5002GB/03, SRS43C02GB/20, SRS43E42EU/14, SHS4002GB/01, SKT5102GB/01, SRS43C12GB/21, SRS43E52EU/01, SHS4002GB/07, SKT5108GB/01, SRS43C12GB/23, SRS43E52EU/14, SHS4002GB/12, SKT5108GB/08, SRS43C22GB/03, SRS43E62EU/13, SHS6902GB/07, SRS4002GB/01, SRS43E02GB/13, SRS43E62EU/14, SHS6902GB/12, SRS4012GB/07, SRS43E02GB/18, SRS45E02GB/21, SHS6902GB/13, SRS4012GB/11, SRS43E42EU/01, SRS45E08GB/18, SHU5312GB/08, SRS4302GB/10, SRS43E42EU/07, SRS45E12GB/15, SHU5316GB/08, SRS43A02GB/08, SRS43E42EU/09, SRS45E12GB/28, SKT5002GB/02, SRS43C02GB/14, SRS43E42EU/13, SRS45E12GB/29, SRS45E18GB/15, SRS53C02GB/28, SRS53E32EU/01, SRS55M48EU/07, SRS45E18GB/28, SRS53E22EU/01, SRS53E32EU/07, SRS55M48EU/09, SRS45E22GB/01, SRS53E22EU/07, SRS53E32EU/09, SRS55M48EU/13, SRS45E32GB/09, SRS53E22EU/09, SRS53E32EU/13, SRS5602GB/02, SRS46A02GB/13, SRS53E28EU/01, SRS53E32EU/14, SRS56A08GB/08, SRS53C02GB/20, SRS53E28EU/07, SRS55C02GB/09, SRS56L02GB/16, SRS53C02GB/27, SRS53E28EU/09, SRS55M48EU/01, SRS56L08GB/16

Package Included:

  • 1 x Solenoid Valve


  • Please allow minor error due to manual measurement.

  • Due to the difference between different monitors, the picture may not reflect the actual color of the item.

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Expert review
1pcs 3/4” 14mm Dishwasher Water Inlet Solenoid Valve Male Connect thread For Washing Machine Cleaner AC 220V~240V.
Review by: Michel C.

I love this item so strongly that I made up my mind to publish my first comment ever! I'll acknowledge that when I dug out this item when just browsing the internet once, I had no plan of taking up anything. Upon closer examination, however, I was curious with the matter that this maker cares for ecological subjects. This may not seem all that constitutive unless you happen to hold, or are interested in holding environmentally sound items as best as one can.

I looked through all over the internet to see if I could solve my issue and noticed this item. It’s unfamiliar to me, but it has many exalted reviews and I wanted for something like this! So, I ordered 1pcs 3/4'' 14mm Dishwasher Water Inlet Solenoid Valve Male Connect thread For Washing Machine Cleaner AC 220V~240V. It came today, and I was pleased by its high quality and even with the packaging – a pleasing find these nowadays. The first thing that I did was experiencing it for the statement pointed on this store. No questions there: everything agrees with the statement.

The quality is so much greater than I've ever trialed or even dreamt of. I had certain uncertainty but I was mistaken. This is a reliable, high-level item and I recommend it highly. This bargain is also a little present to myself to make my everyday life a little more pleasing...

When I was ready to make an order and wanted to clarify certain details – I’m very careful when purchasing from an unverified webstore – back up was very well-disposed and ready to help. They answered all my requests with great patience. If you were acquainted with me, you would comprehend that it’s not so easy :-)

So here’s the essence of my buyer attempt:

Advantages: Nice quality item, prompt supply.

Disadvantages: None that I can remember.

For this sum, I am VERY delighted with 1pcs 3/4'' 14mm Dishwasher Water Inlet Solenoid Valve Male Connect thread For Washing Machine Cleaner AC 220V~240V. I will for certain take up from this store over again.
Overall Rating
Review Summary
I never actually published references about an article until I tried this one. AMAZING PERFECT. High product , especially for the charge. Functions as indicated. Operates better than any of the other products that I have used.
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Customer reviews
Verified buyer
Russian Federation
The valve came without damage, did not check in.
Verified buyer
Screwed this valve to the samsung dishwasher. Slightly noisy and a little slower than native, but the price all compensates. Native costs 25,000 tg, this cost 2300 plus hose 800 = 3100. The seller quickly sent the goods to almaty in 18 days
Verified buyer
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