2 Points Normally Open Type Brass Internal Thread Solenoid Valve 2W-025-08K

2 Points Normally Open Type Brass Internal Thread Solenoid Valve 2W-025-08K

List Price: US $26.75
Price: US $17.39
You save: US $9.36 (35%)
List Price: US $26.75
Price: US $17.39
You save: US $9.36 (35%)
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Temperature of Media:
Normal Temperature
Model Number:
solenoid valve
Stainless Steel
Standard or Nonstandard:
Power Source:
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The coil is completely covered with a solid plastic.
The valve body is small and easy to install.
High quality fluoro rubber seal.Suitable for neutral gases and liquids.
Colour: Black
Material: Stainless steel
Model: 2W-025-08K
Use fluid: air, water, oil
Type: Normally open
Take-up aperture: 1/4 inch
Flow aperture: 2.5mm
Oil seal material: NBR
Pressure range: 0.1-1.0Mpa
Fluid temperature: -5 to 80 ° C
Voltage: AC220V
It is suitable for two-position on-off switching with automatic control of liquid level, concentration, flow, metering or discharge cycle with gas, water, oil and gas as medium.
Includes: 1* solenoid valve
Only the above package content, other products are not included.
Note: Light shooting and different displays may cause the color of the item in the picture a little different from the real thing. The measurement allowed error is +/- 1-3cm.

Expert review
2 Points Normally Open Type Brass Internal Thread Solenoid Valve 2W-025-08K.
Review by: Roberto M.
I have to acknowledge I’m a problematic client.

Having been involved in the notion of online shopping for significant time already, I still can’t cast away a persuasive concern that the product I’ve lawfully purchased with my own legitimately earned will be dispatched to me several months after making the payment. Or it will be dispatched on time but putting it into service will lead to an unexpexted rash on my skin. Or I will end up dealing with a never-ending weird smell that stays on for weeks and accompanies me and my relatives any place we go. Or it will just break in my hands making me bewildered, unnerved, and mislead, which is peculiarly outraging when the item was acquired with an intention to be used as a present or something.

So I feel it’s not that difficult to picture how incredibly relieved and content I felt after the 2 Points Normally Open Type Brass Internal Thread Solenoid Valve 2W-025-08K I bought from the seller was delivered to me only half a month after the payment transaction. It wasn’t messed up or flawed or something like that, it was wrapped in an accurate way, and summarizing the results of an extensive check it appears like the item is working flawlessly, just as designed. It looks terrific, it smells normal, it feels pleasant, so, overall, the cash I paid didn’t go for nought.

Had it not been purchased as a present, I would easily find 2 Points Normally Open Type Brass Internal Thread Solenoid Valve 2W-025-08K a proper use in my own apartment but I reckon it is just an excellent reason to pay forone more eventually in the future.

And undoubtedly, it’s more than important to make it clear that theselling price is genuinely fair, and the purchasing, in general, shows best value for money. I’m thankful to the seller!
Overall Rating
Review Summary
To my incredible relief, the product exceeded all my numerous expectations and came out to be a marvelous thing to possess.
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