2W-160-15 DC 24V 16mm Pore 1/2″ Two Way Solenoid Valve

2W-160-15 DC 24V 16mm Pore 1/2″ Two Way Solenoid Valve

List Price: US $17.18
Price: US $14.43
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List Price: US $17.18
Price: US $14.43
You save: US $2.75 (16%)
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Product Name: Solenoid Valve; Model: 2W-160-15; Type: Two-position, Two-way Use Fluid: Air, Water, Vapour; Switch Type: NC; Flow Pore Size: 16mm/0.63”; CV Value: 4.8 Joint Pipe Bore: 12.7mm/1/2”; Fluid Viscosity: Cable Length: 21cm/8.3”; External Material: Metal; Voltage: DC 24V Net Weight: 547g; Package Content: 1 x Solenoid Valve* SODIAL is a registered trademark. ONLY Authorized seller of SODIAL can sell under SODIAL listings.Our products will enhance your experience to unparalleled inspiration.
SODIAL(R) 2W-160-15 DC 24V 16mm Pore 1/2″ Two Way Solenoid Valve
Two position, two way, normal close switch, magnetic solenoid water valve.
Can be installed at any angle, but it is a good choice when the horizontal tube keep upward.
Used to control automatically the liquid and gas in the pipeline.
Total Size: 11 x 8.5 x 5cm/4.3” x 3.3” x 2” (L*W*H); Operating Temperature: -5-80 Degree Centigrade.

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2W-160-15 DC 24V 16mm Pore 1/2″ Two Way Solenoid Valve.
Review by: John H.
Foremost, I’d like to say that the merchandise is excellently made. Right now it takes effort to find something of high quality for such a bargain price. The material looks good and strong so I think the item can serve you longer than other similar products. My experience tells me it is essential in such items. On the web, often there are lots of products for a high price but the quality often turns out to be quite bad. From that point of view, there’s not much sense keeping in mind its price.

I was also happy that the product is really comfortable. To my thinking, this thing is one of the first things that draws my attention. I once happened to pay for something that seemed fine but what turned out to be too uncomfortable.

Sometimes you should also pay attention to the eye appeal of the product. For me, the given merch looks stylish though you may disagree.

Compared to other similar merchandise I often see at other web stores, no doubt this one is front rank. Its price-quality trade-off is very attractive. This quality is definitely worth the expense. I don’t like to pay over the odds when there’s stuff of the same quality for lower price.

For another thing, I’m sure the merchandise is absolutely worth the money. I’m lucky I ran into it and acquired it.
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The merch is a absolutely worth the posted price. Its quality coupled with its cost makes this merch a fine purchase.
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