2W250-25 AC380V The copper heat water valve solenoid valve coil coil pneumatic components

2W250-25 AC380V The copper heat water valve solenoid valve coil coil pneumatic components

Price: US $7.47
Price: US $7.47
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2W250-25 AC380V
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Aluminium wire circle

2W025-06 24V 2W025-08 24V 2W040-10 24V 2W160-15 24V 2W200-20 24V
2W025-06 220V 2W025-08 220V 2W040-10 220V 2W160-15 220V 2W200-20 220V
2W250-25 24V 2W350-35 24V 2W400-40 24V 2W500-50 24V
2W250-25 220V 2W350-35 220V 2W400-40 220V 2W500-50 220V

The copper coils

2W025-06 12V 2W025-08 12V 2W040-10 12V 2W160-15 12V 2W200-20 12V
2W025-06 36V 2W025-08 36V 2W040-10 36V 2W160-15 36V 2W200-20 36V
2W025-06 110V 2W025-08 110V 2W040-10 110V 2W160-15 110V 2W200-20 110V
2W025-06 380V 2W025-08 380V 2W040-10 380V 2W160-15 380V 2W200-20 380V
2W250-25 12V 2W350-35 12V 2W400-40 12V 2W500-50 12V
2W250-25 36V 2W350-35 36V 2W400-40 36V 2W500-50 36V
2W250-25 110V 2W350-35 110V 2W400-40 110V 2W500-50 110V
2W250-25 380V 2W350-35 380V 2W400-40 380V 2W500-50 380V

Solenoid coil

Solenoid coil when the electricity activities within the core for the coil attracted to move, drives the valve core is moving, so as to change the valve on state; The so-called dry or wet only refers to the working environment of coil, for valve action, no big difference.

But, as we know, a hollow coil inductance and to join the core within the coil inductance is different, after the former, the latter is large, when the coil tong to alternating current (ac), produced by the coil impedance is different also, for the same coil, coupled with the same frequency alternating current, the inductance will vary depending on the core position, namely the impedance varies with the core position, impedance hours, flows through the coil current will increase. > the solenoid coil is often too warm When the solenoid valve coil is in working condition (electricity), core sucked, form a closed magnetic circuit. The inductance in the largest state consists of timing. The fever is normal, but the core is not smooth and electricity, reduced the volume of coil inductance, resistance is reduced, current increases accordingly, thus cause the coil current is too big, life is affected, so the oil make core activity is blocked, energized the action is slow, can't even normal is completely off, make coil electricity often is in a state of impedance fewer than normal, perhaps factors of wire coil.

Expert review
2W250-25 AC380V The copper heat water valve solenoid valve coil coil pneumatic components.
Review by: Elijah E.
I constantly but things at web stores and always try to be careful when I pick the model. Unfortunately it’s not rare to acquire something that turns out to be of worse quality than expected. So I I wanted to make a review here.

Definitely the item was a good bargain. Not long ago I’ve been after merch like this one but I couldn’t find anything that could catch my eye. I was always hesitating either because of the cost or the outward appearance of the merchandise. When I saw 2W250-25 AC380V The copper heat water valve solenoid valve coil coil pneumatic components, I decided I’d buy it and I got what I wanted.

to be honest I was sure that the item would be of low quality or happen to be ruined during transit. But it was good to see that it was Ok and it matches the description at the web shop. Come to think of it at first I didn’t expect much but then I discovered that I was lucky to get this model.

For a kickoff, I’d like to note the impressive quality of the materials. For this sort of merchandise, the quality is essential. As for this model, If you ask me, my experience tells me, it is worth the what I paid for it. If you compare it with other web stores, web shops, this one offered quite a fair price for the quality of the item.

I’ve been using the item for several weeks already and up until now I’ve had no complaints. Who could expect I’d be so lucky to buy something that good!
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I adore the merch. I rarely happen to find something of high quality on the web but this time I got to obtain something this good and for this cheap.
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