4V310-10 2 Position 5 Port 2/5 Way 3/8″ BSP Solenoid Valves Air Gas Control Valve

4V310-10 2 Position 5 Port 2/5 Way 3/8″ BSP Solenoid Valves Air Gas Control Valve

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List Price: US $10.99
Price: US $10.33
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Product description
1. check the components before use, whether they are damaged during transportation, then install and use them.
2. when installing, please pay attention to the direction of gas flow and whether the nozzle is correct.
3. Installation, pay special attention to whether the voltage meets the requirements, the whole machine debugging, it is recommended to use manual device debugging, and then power-on debugging.
4. please pay attention to dust prevention and suggest installing muffler at the exhaust port.
5.When connecting the pipeline, pay attention to the winding of the stop strip not to exceed the tooth end surface, and pay attention to the elimination of pipe joints, metal particles in the pipe, dust and oil pollution.
Use fluid: air [filtered through 40 micron screen].
Actuating mode: internal guided mode
Lubrication: no need.
Use pressure KGF/CM2:1.7-7.0
Working temperature: 5-50
Maximum pressure resistance KGF/CM2:10.5
Voltage range: +15% -25%
Power consumption: AC:5.4VA DC:2.5W
Insulation: F CLASS
Service life: about 10 million times under normal use.
Maximum actuating frequency CYCLE/SEC:5
Excitation time SCC:0.05
Alternative voltage: AC AC220V AC110V AC24V AC380V AC36V
Working principle
There is a close cavity in the solenoid valve, and there are through holes in different positions. Each hole leads to different tubing. There are valves in the middle of the cavity and two electromagnets on both sides. Hydraulic oil enters different drain pipes and then pushes the piston of the cylinder through the pressure of the oil. The piston then drives the piston rod, which drives the mechanical device. In this way, the mechanical movement is controlled by controlling the current of the electromagnet.
The following points for installation of solenoid valve are as follows:
1, installation should pay attention to the arrow on the valve body should be consistent with the media flow direction. Do not install in places where there is direct drip or splash. Solenoid valves should be installed vertically.
2, solenoid valves should be guaranteed to operate normally within the 15%-10% range of the rated voltage.
3. After installing the solenoid valve, there should be no reverse pressure difference in the pipeline. It needs to be energized several times to make it warm enough to be put into operation.
4. Solenoid valve should be thoroughly cleaned before installation. The medium should be free of impurities. Filter before valve.
5, when the solenoid valve malfunctions or cleaning, to ensure that the system continues to operate, it should install bypass devices.

Fault and elimination
First, the solenoid valve does not work after energizing.
Check whether power wiring is bad, re wiring and connector connection.
Check whether the supply voltage is within the range of + – to normal location.
Whether the coil is removed or re welded
Coil short circuit to replace coil
Is the working pressure difference inappropriate? Adjust the differential pressure to replace the equivalent solenoid valve.
The fluid temperature is too high to replace the proportionate solenoid valve.
Impurities jam the main valve core and the moving iron core of the solenoid valve for cleaning, if the seal is damaged, replace the seal and install the filter
The viscosity of the liquid is too high, the frequency is too high, and the life has arrived.
Two, solenoid valve can not be closed.
Seal of main spool or iron core has been damaged. Replace seal.
If the fluid temperature and viscosity are too high, replace the counterpart solenoid valves.
The impurity enters the electromagnetic valve to produce the valve core or the moving iron core.
The life of springs has arrived or deformed to replace.
Throttle hole balance hole clogging and timely cleaning
Working frequency is too high or life expectancy has changed.
Three, other circumstances
Internal leakage to check whether the seal is damaged, and whether the spring is assembled badly.
Leakage: connect loosening or seal is broken. Tighten screws or replace seals.
There is noise when power is switched on, and the fastener on the head is loose and tightened. Voltage fluctuation is not within the allowable range, adjust the voltage. Clean or replace the impurities or uneven surfaces of the core.
Expert review
4V310-10 2 Position 5 Port 2/5 Way 3/8″ BSP Solenoid Valves Air Gas Control Valve.
Review by: Ken D.
As for me, a long-continued and thorough first-time product research is an essential step before ordering stuff online. unplanned shopping is as much joy as risk, so I felt it was worth devoting some time to make a research with great precision.

Undoubtedly I was surpisingly lucky to find the 4V310-10 2 Position 5 Port 2/5 Way 3/8" BSP Solenoid Valves Air Gas Control Valve so conveniently available online. My market research has helped me understand that this product distinguishes itself from the vast majority of the other products thanks to its wonderful quality. I’ve searched some basic standards that are generally applied to the offers of this sort, and determined that the one I’ve purchased comes forward from the competitors and apparently is more than afitting alternative for this price bracket.

I could wish for a lower cost, can’t deny, (the one that is much closer to zero, how cool would be that?), but, I have to admit the existing price is quite acceptable. You shouldn’t expect an exemplary quality product to be impossibly cheap as it will mean either a far-from-perfect quality of raw materials, or an inadequate production quality, or both. Or, even more awful, it will mean capitalizing upon underpaid staff members. How about no, not the exact type of product I am going to encourage with my acquisition.

I would also like to say that when I got my acquisition delivered and opened the package I was excited to see that 4V310-10 2 Position 5 Port 2/5 Way 3/8" BSP Solenoid Valves Air Gas Control Valve has arrived in impeccable working condition, with no weaknesses or faults or anything like that. It’s ewesome to know the acquisition has demonstrated its worth, so yeah, I surely recommend getting this one.
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Review Summary
My detailed Internet research makes it obvious that the product shines out from the rivals and my own testing makes it clear it has an unmatched quality.
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