Air, Water, Oil Pneumatic Solenoid Valve 2W025-08 1/4″

Air, Water, Oil Pneumatic Solenoid Valve 2W025-08 1/4″

List Price: US $9.90
Price: US $9.90
List Price: US $9.90
Price: US $9.90
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item specifics
Model Number:
2W-025-08 1/4"
Product description

2W025-08 1/4″ Air, Water, Oil Pneumatic Solenoid Valve

Model NO.: 2W-025-06
Pipe size: 1/4''
Orifice size: 4mm
CV value: 0.23
Fluid: Air water oil , the neutral gasliquid
Service voltage : AC220V AC110V AC24V DC24V DC12V ( allow ± 10% )
Operating: Direct acting
Body Materia:l Brass
Working pressure: ( water, air ) : 0~10 kgf/cm⊃2; ( oil ) : 0~7 kgf/m⊃2;
Material of seal: Standard : below 80° fluid temperature use NBR , below 120° use EPDM, below 150° use VISTON

Expert review
Air, Water, Oil Pneumatic Solenoid Valve 2W025-08 1/4″.
Review by: Michel C.
I have to tell I’m a burdensome purchaser.

Having been taking part in the process of virtual buying for a long time so far, I still can’t refuse a persistent thought that the item I’ve lawfully purchased with my own fairly earned bucks will be dispatched to me quite a few months after making the payment. Or it will be passed in time but the use will end it a strange skin irritation. Or I will have to deal with a preserving strange odor that stays on for weeks and followes me and my dearest ones wherever we go. Or it will plainly break in my hands leaving thunderstruck, upset, and deceived, which is particularly outraging when the item was acquired with a secret intention to be used as a present or stuff like that.

So I feel it’s not that problematic to picture how immensely relieved and content I felt when the Air, Water, Oil Pneumatic Solenoid Valve 2W025-08 1/4" I bought here was delivered in my hands mere a couple of weeks after the payment. It wasn’t out of order or incomplete or kind of that, it was wrapped in a skillful way, and following the results of an exhaustive inspection it seems like the item is working impeccably, just as it is supposed to. It looks first-rate, it smells standard, it feels well-made, so, broadly speaking, the money I paid didn’t go for nought.

Had it not been intended to be a present, I would for sure find Air, Water, Oil Pneumatic Solenoid Valve 2W025-08 1/4" a good use in my own home but I presume it makes just a terrific reason to acquireanother one eventually in perspective.

And certainly, it’s more than important to make it clear that thecost is quite sensible, and the buying, after all, performs a good value for money. Thanks to the seller!
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Review Summary
To my immense joy, the product exceeded all my various expectations and ended up to be a terrific thing to order.
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Customer reviews
Verified buyer
Russian Federation
It came quickly, packed well, the quality is decent, under pressure did not include, so it works clearly. A little buzzing under tension. I ordered the fittings from this seller, everything came in one package. Recommend)))
Verified buyer
Czech Republic
It's ok.
Verified buyer
Russian Federation
Very good!
Verified buyer
Russian Federation
Reached in 8 days (standard shipping)! Thanks to the person who wrote that to adjust the reducer you need to pull the handle up)
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