BRAHMA Solenoid Valves EG15*L*GMO For gas burner New & Original

BRAHMA Solenoid Valves EG15*L*GMO For gas burner New & Original

List Price: US $150.00
Price: US $138.00
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List Price: US $150.00
Price: US $138.00
You save: US $12.00 (8%)
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BRAHMA Solenoid Valves EG15*L*GMO For gas burnerNew & Original


The solenoid valves are solenoid type normally closed, suitable for civil and industrial, supplied with alternate or direct current and a filter inlet to avoid the entrance of dirt larger than 1 mm. Gas valves marked with “S” or “L” after the acronym identifying the type have supplied coil current, which has allowed to be careful to make maneuvers as silent as possible. There exists the possibility of have valves quick opening or slow (obtained by special hydraulic shock- absorber), with regulation of flow, with the flow rate regulation Quick release initial and pressure taps upstream (All) or downstream (excluding those with flow control). Gas valves of this series, conforming to EN161, have EC type certification (CE Reg. N ° 63AQ0626) in Compliance with the European Directives 90/396 and 93/68.

Product Name: Solenoid Valves


Models: EG15*L*GMO

Opening type: Slow, silent (this version is inclusive of flow adjuster).

Connection type: Connection with terminal board-IP54.

Supply voltage: 230 Vac / 50-60 Hz

Function: For Gas Burner

Type Reference


Respect the applicable national and European standards (e.g. EN60335-1) regarding electrical safety. · Assemble the valve to the installation so that the arrow on the valve body has the same direction as the fuel flow. During the assembly of the valve to the installation piping, avoid twisting on the sheath and always use an hexagonal key to be fitted to the valve body. · Make sure that no foreign matters have entered the valve body. Make sure that the max. fuel input pressure never exceeds the value appearing on the label.

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Expert review
BRAHMA Solenoid Valves EG15*L*GMO For gas burner New & Original.
Review by: Rolands L.
First of all, I should mention that the merch is thoroughly made. Currently you rarely acquire something of suitable quality for this cheap. The material feels good and strong and you can say that the thing can serve you quite a while. Most of us consider it significant in items of this kind. when surfing the internet, I often find lots of products for an unfair price but the quality in the end turns out to be not so good. From that point of view, it’s pointless making any decision based on the price.

I also want to note that the product is really comfortable. For me, this characteristics is one of the first things I pay attention to. I sometimes happened to order something of high quality but what turned out to be too uncomfortable.

Sometimes you should also take into account the appearance of the merchandise. I think many people would agree, the given stuff looks good though you may disagree.

Compared to other similar models I saw in the internet, I think this one is much better. Its quality-to-price ratio is quite good. This quality is surely worth the expense. I don’t like to pay more when there’s merch of the same quality for lower price.

For another thing, I’m sure the merchandise is undoubtedly worth the cost. I’m happy I found it and paid for it.
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Review Summary
The stuff is a for sure worth its price. The quality of the material combined with good price makes this stuff a fine purchase.
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