Brass electric solenoid valve G1/2′ NC 12v 24v 220v water heater air solar system

Brass electric solenoid valve G1/2′ NC 12v 24v 220v water heater air solar system

List Price: US $2.20
Price: US $2.20
DC 12V
DC 24V
List Price: US $2.20
Price: US $2.20
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High Temperature
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High Pressure
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Product description

Please note

It is normal to have water trace sent out. Because the water pressure test

will be carried out when the product is out of the factory.



This Solar electromagnetic valve is AC220V pilot type,fit for normal water pressure

(or high water pressure) environment,NOT FIT FOR LOW WATER Pressure,

such as water tower and water Box.


это солнечная электромагнитного клапана является экспериментальной типа,

пригодный для нормального давления воды (или высокого давления воды)
окружающая среда, не пригоден для низкого давления воды,
таких, как водоснабжение, башни и бак для воды.

Pressure: 0.02 – 0.8Mpa
Operation mode:NC (normally closed)
Inlet and outlet: hose barbs for 1/2″ (outer diameter) hose
Medium temperature: 0-100°C
Usage: water and low viscosity fluids
Rated voltage:DC 12V 24V
AC 220V

Valve body material:brass

Expert review
Brass electric solenoid valve G1/2′ NC 12v 24v 220v water heater air solar system.
Review by: Sean R.
I use web stores to purchase products from time to time but there are time when you don’t get what you the seller promised you. This time I was lucky.

The first thing that caught my interest was the design. I rarely saw merch like this at one of those shops. So to be honest, I came to like the stuff in no time. Though I I had certain doubts about the quality when I placed the order for it. Back then I thought I’d better not expect high quality. It’s a relief I misjudged the seller.

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it’s a relief I purchased this merch. The web site offered the best quality and price as compared to others. Nothing to complain about.
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