DC 6V AC 220V Electric Solenoid Valve 1/2″ For Water Air Normally Closed Solar water heater solenoid valve

DC 6V AC 220V Electric Solenoid Valve 1/2″ For Water Air Normally Closed Solar water heater solenoid valve

List Price: US $11.68
Price: US $10.04
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List Price: US $11.68
Price: US $10.04
You save: US $1.64 (14%)
item specifics
Medium Pressure
Port Size:
Model Number:
Power Source:
Temperature of Media:
Normal Temperature
Standard or Nonstandard:
plastic and metal
Product description

1. before installation flush roads, will clean the impurities.
2. If water towers, select the adapted hydraulic solenoid valve, in order to avoid electromagnetic stuffy can not Sheung Shui to flow most too small.
3. Check the solenoid valve identification voltage control side grip and consistent power supply output voltage, check the filter is complete, the various parts of the body if not broken
Loss, flow direction consistent with the direction of the solenoid valve Heng head logo.
4. the solenoid valve should be installed in empty the contents of maintenance and avoid collateral damage other area city, pay attention to antifreeze, sunscreen, to prevent the cracking of the valve body aging and shorten life. When you install the coil facing up.
5. Never use a wrench and other workers that act on the coil and plastic parts. Solenoid valve piping interfaces at both ends should be kept in the same line, the two interfaces Do
The next dislocation forced to install, to ensure that the solenoid valve is not damaged during installation, the solenoid valve should be installed to ensure that the pipeline is not misplaced torque effect.
6. After installation, the power to detect
For solar, water heater, gardening watering
Filtering capabilities: removable cleaning filtration devices
Temperature: normal
Water pressure range: 0.02 ~ 0.8MPA
Control mode: DC6V
Connection: exceptionally thread
Material: plastic and copper
Color: white, black, blue and copper tone
Dimensions: 8.5 x 8.2cm/3.34 x 3.22″(L x W)
Weight: 176.8g

Expert review
DC 6V AC 220V Electric Solenoid Valve 1/2″ For Water Air Normally Closed Solar water heater solenoid valve.
Review by: Judy P.
For one thing, I’m glad that the merchandise is of high quality. Right now it’s rare to obtain something of high quality for this cheap. The material appears good and strong so I expect that the thing can serve you very long. I consider it important in such goods. On the web, you can easily find lots of products for a high price but the quality frequently turns out to be not so good. In this regard, it’s pointless making any decision based on the price.

I should also say that the the merchandise is surely comfortable. To my thinking, this thing is one of the first things I take into account. I sometimes happened to pay for something that looked as a high-quality product but what turned out to be too inconvenient.

Some also consider the appearance of the item. From my perspective, the given merchandise looks quite pretty though this is a matter of preferences.

Compared to other similar models I saw at other web stores, no doubt this one is front rank. Its price-quality trade-off is quite good. This quality is absolutely worth the cost. I don’t like to pay over when there’s an item of similar quality for less money.

Among other things, I’d say the thing is no doubt worth its price. I’m lucky I saw it and paid for it.
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Review Summary
The merchandise is a definitely worth the money. The quality along with the given price makes this merchandise a good deal.
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