DN15/20/25 Brass Electric Timer Auto Water Valve Solenoid Electronic Drain Valve for Air Compressor Condensate

DN15/20/25 Brass Electric Timer Auto Water Valve Solenoid Electronic Drain Valve for Air Compressor Condensate

List Price: US $33.85
Price: US $25.39
You save: US $8.46 (25%)
List Price: US $33.85
Price: US $25.39
You save: US $8.46 (25%)
item specifics
Medium Pressure
Model Number:
Standard or Nonstandard:
Temperature of Media:
Normal Temperature
Port Size:
1/2'' 3/4'' 1''
Power Source:
Actuator Mode:
With Manual And Instruction
NC or NO:
Normally Closed
Product description
Installation application
1. Before installation, you should refer to the instructions for the use of the product and see if it meets your requirements.
2. Pipeline should be washed before use, and filters should be installed to prevent impurities from interfering with the normal operation of solenoid valves.
3. Solenoid valves generally work in one direction and cannot be installed in the opposite direction. The arrows on the solenoid valves are the moving direction of pipeline fluids and must be consistent.
4. Solenoid valve installation is generally horizontal, coil vertical upward, some products can be installed at will, but when conditions permit, the best vertical, can increase service life.
5. Solenoid valves should be heat treated or insulated when they are re-working in freezing places.
6. After the installation of the lead-out wire of the electromagnetic coil (connecting plug-in), it is necessary to confirm whether the solenoid valve will not work due to the jitter and loosening when firmly connecting the electrical components.
7. For the solenoid valves to be manufactured continuously, it is better to adopt bypass, which is convenient for maintenance and does not affect production.

Expert review
DN15/20/25 Brass Electric Timer Auto Water Valve Solenoid Electronic Drain Valve for Air Compressor Condensate.
Review by: Adam M.
I always but things at web stores and always try to be careful when choosing the product. Often you get stuff which turns out to be of worse quality than expected. So I I think I’ll submit a review here.

No doubt the merchandise was a a good purchase. A few days ago I’ve been browsing web stores searching for a model like this one but I couldn’t find anything I liked. I was always doubting either about the price or the eye appeal of the model. When I saw this item, I decided it was worth the risk and I got what I wanted.

Initially I didn’t doubt that the stuff would be off-grade or would damage during shipment. But it was good to find out that it was safe and it fits the description at the web shop. To tell you the truth at first I didn’t expect to find a high-quality product but then I discovered that I was lucky to order it.

In the first place, I’d like to note the good quality of the materials. For this sort of merchandise, the quality is very significant. As for this model, for me, it is worth the its price. By contrast to other sellers, this one offered a fair price for the quality of the model.

I’ve been using the merchandise for several days already and up until now I’ve had no complaints. I didn’t expect I’d be so lucky to buy something that good!
Overall Rating
Review Summary
I adore the merch. Often I don’t really expect to find something of high quality at web stores but this time I had luck to obtain something of high quality and for a low price.
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