DN15 DN20 DN25 Electric solenoid valve AC220V/110V;DC24V/12V DN08 DN10 NC Water Valve Air Valve 1/4″ 3/8″ 1/2″ 3/4″ G1″

DN15 DN20 DN25 Electric solenoid valve AC220V/110V;DC24V/12V DN08 DN10 NC Water Valve Air Valve 1/4″ 3/8″ 1/2″ 3/4″ G1″

List Price: US $18.15
Price: US $18.15
List Price: US $18.15
Price: US $18.15
item specifics
Power Source:
Standard or Nonstandard:
Port Size:
Actuator Mode:
Without Manual And Instruction
Medium Pressure
Model Number:
2W series
Temperature of Media:
Medium Temperature
NC or NO:
Normally Closed
Flow to:
Applicable media:
Water and air
Thread type:
working temperature:
Use Power Supply:
Use pressure:
Product description

Product Installation

Installation of solenoid valve and matters needing attention

1. Before installation, refer to the instructions of the product, whether it meets your requirements, ensure that there is no dirt and impurities in the pipeline before use, and install filters at the front end of the solenoid valve if the fluid medium is unclear to prevent impurities from entering the valve core and affecting the normal use of the solenoid valve.

3. Solenoid valve is one-way operation mode, can not be refilled, the arrow on the valve body is the flow direction of pipeline fluid, must be consistent.

4. Solenoid Valve Installation: Valve body level, coil vertical upward, some products can be installed at will, but when conditions permit, should choose horizontal installation, in order to increase service life.

5. Solenoid valves should be heated or heat preservation measures should be set when they are working in low temperature and ice environment. When using solenoid valves in wet environment, use waterproof ordinary coils, which are not waterproof, and can not get rainwater.

6. After the coil lead of solenoid valve (junction box) is connected well, it is necessary to confirm whether the connection is firm and reliable, and the contacts of the connecting electrical components should not be shaken, and loosening will cause the solenoid valve not to work.

7. When installing solenoid valves in pipelines requiring continuous production, it is better to build bypass pipelines to facilitate the repair and maintenance of solenoid valves and avoid the impact on production.

8. Solenoid valves are suitable for short-time power-on work. Continuous power-on coils will heat up. Single continuous power-on is best controlled in 1-2 hours.

9. DC 24vD12V Voltage Control, please select DC power supply with output current greater than 2.5A.Only in this way can the solenoid valve work normally and steadily.

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Expert review
DN15 DN20 DN25 Electric solenoid valve AC220V/110V;DC24V/12V DN08 DN10 NC Water Valve Air Valve 1/4″ 3/8″ 1/2″ 3/4″ G1″.
Review by: Jake F.
For starters, one should mention that DN15 DN20 DN25 Electric solenoid valve AC220V/110V;DC24V/12V DN08 DN10 NC Water Valve Air Valve 1/4" 3/8" 1/2" 3/4" G1" is well manufactured. In our time it isn’t often that you run into something of high quality for such a price. The material looks good and strong so you can say that the merch can serve you for a longer time. I think many people believe it to be significant in items of this sort. when surfing the internet, one can find lots of products for an unreasonably high price but the quality often turns out to be not so good. So from my experience, it’s no use taking the price into account.

Another thing is that the the merchandise is really comfortable. To my thinking, this characteristics is one of the first things that draws my attention. I often happened to order something of high quality but what turned out to be too inconvenient to use.

Sometimes people also pay attention to the outward appearance of the item. From my perspective, the given merchandise looks cool though you may disagree.

In comparison with other similar merchandise I found on other sites, I think this one is among the best. Its value for money is very good. This quality is surely worth the expense. I don’t like to pay more than needed when there’s merchandise of comparable quality for this cheap.

For another thing, I would say the item is no doubt worth the money. I’m happy I saw it and paid for it.
Overall Rating
Review Summary
The item is a undoubtedly worth the expense. High quality as well as such a bargain price makes this item a fine purchase.
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