DN25(G1.0″) DN20(G3/4″) electric actuator brass ball valve/motorized/motor-driven ball Valve,switch type electric two-way valves

DN25(G1.0″) DN20(G3/4″) electric actuator brass ball valve/motorized/motor-driven ball Valve,switch type electric two-way valves

List Price: US $28.99
Price: US $27.54
You save: US $1.45 (5%)
List Price: US $28.99
Price: US $27.54
You save: US $1.45 (5%)
item specifics
Temperature of Media:
Medium Temperature
Medium Pressure
Actuator Mode:
Without Manual And Instruction
Thread Type:
Power Source:
Standard or Nonstandard:
Port Size:
DN20 DN25
Model Number:
Product description

product description
DF2000 electric two-way valve for HVAC fan coil and air conditioning end of hot water and cold water system control, composed of the drive and copper valve. The drive is driven by a unidirectional tape synchronous motor and the valve spring is reset. When the valve does not work out of the normally closed state. Need to work, by the thermostat to provide open signal, so that the electric valve connected to AC power and action. Open the valve, chilled water or hot water into the fan coil to provide room for air conditioning or heating. When the room temperature reaches the thermostat setpoint. The thermostat turns off the electric valve, and the return spring closes the valve to cut off the flow into the fan coil. Through the valve closed or open. So that the greenhouse is always maintained in the temperature range set by the thermostat.
■ flexible application, quiet operation, constant torque
■ Manual control during system commissioning and maintenance
■ The installation takes up less external space and can be installed close to the wall
■ corrosion resistance, long life, small size
Technical Parameters
Technical parameters Category: Hysteresis synchronous motor
Voltage: AC220V
Frequency: 50 / 60HZ
Power: 7W
Valve nominal pressure: 1.6mpa
Use medium: water
Medium temperature: 2 ℃ -94 ℃
Operating temperature: 2 ℃ -60 ℃ no condensation
Storage temperature: -22 ℃ -65 ℃ no condensation

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Expert review
DN25(G1.0″) DN20(G3/4″) electric actuator brass ball valve/motorized/motor-driven ball Valve,switch type electric two-way valves.
Review by: Kate G.
For openers, I think that the stuff is of high quality. In our time it’s rare to run into something of high quality for this cheap. The material seems good and strong so in my opinion the merch can serve you very long. If you ask me, it is crucial in such goods. On the web, you can find lots of products for too a high price but the quality normally turns out to be very poor. To that end, there’s no point in making any decision based on the price.

Another thing is that the product is definitely comfortable. In my opinion, this thing is one of the first things that draws my attention. I sometimes happened to take something that appeared of good quality but what turned out to be too uncomfortable.

Lots of people also take into consideration the eye appeal of the merch. To my thinking, the given DN25(G1.0") DN20(G3/4") electric actuator brass ball valve/motorized/motor-driven ball Valve,switch type electric two-way valves looks interesting though this is a matter of preferences.

Compared to other similar merchandise I discovered on other sites, for sure this one is the best. Its price-quality trade-off is more than attractive. This quality is no doubt worth the money. I don’t like to pay above the odds when there’s stuff of the same quality for lower price.

Beyond that, I believe the merchandise is absolutely worth the money. I’m happy I ran into it and purchased it.
Overall Rating
Review Summary
The item is a totally worth the expense. The quality of the material together with good price makes this item a fine purchase.
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