DN8 Plastic Solenoid Valve Quick Connector 6mm Plug-in Type Plastic DC12V DC24V AC220V N/O N/C

DN8 Plastic Solenoid Valve Quick Connector 6mm Plug-in Type Plastic DC12V DC24V AC220V N/O N/C

List Price: US $6.50
Price: US $6.50
without pressure NC
with pressure NC
with pressure NO
List Price: US $6.50
Price: US $6.50
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Solenoid valve specifications are as follows:

1. this valve is normally closed solenoid valve, that is, power on (water), power cut off (water), this variable open type.
2. voltage specification: This is DC12V, DC24V, AC220V three kinds of voltage specifications, customized needs other voltage, 500 set, store the second contact!
3. interface: four extra thread! The 6.3 chip spring is used as the terminal of the power supply.
4.: This is the micro pressure valve (pressure) and pressure valve (0 pressure) two, a pressure valve for 0.02-0.8MPA water pressure, no pressure valve for 0-0.15MPA pressure, please choose according to your actual needs.
5. rated power: 5W, ask the current of their own calculation, in addition to explain, this section does not need to separate the positive and negative pole!
6. work style: can work for a long time
7. use fluids: (0-100 C) water
The flow characteristics of 8. water: 0.02Mpa > 1.5L/min; 0.10Mpa > 7L/min; 0.30Mpa > 12L/min; 0.80Mpa > 20L/min
9. basic dimensions of the product:
10. insulation performance: the insulation resistance between conductor and non conductor is greater than 100M
11. insulation grade: E class insulation
12. life: 500 thousand times (laboratory data) is more than 300 thousand times (the normal use)
Routine troubleshooting:
This valve is strictly 100% water inspection, failure rate of less than 1/50000, if you receive the goods in question in the process of using, please according to the following steps to troubleshoot!
1. that I sent you the appearance of a product is not that you need, make sure the voltage you buy is much, we send you the product voltage and whether you buy, you use the actual voltage whether meet the requirements (allowable voltage fluctuation range of 5%).
2. confirm when you install the flow direction is not to the arrow direction (reverse connection can not work properly).
3. make sure that your intake pipe is connected and make sure that there is no water entering the solenoid valve.
4. reconfirm your pressure, a pressure valve with pressure to 0.02-0.8MPA, without pressure valve pressure to 0-0.15MPA, without pressure within this range are not working properly!
Expert review
DN8 Plastic Solenoid Valve Quick Connector 6mm Plug-in Type Plastic DC12V DC24V AC220V N/O N/C.
Review by: Derek W.
I have to confess I’m a problematic customer.

Having been engaged in the notion of electronic purchasing for a long time so far, I still can’t refuse a compulsive idea that the product I’ve rightfully bought with my own legitimately earned will be delivered to me quite a few weeks after processing the payment. Or it will be delivered in due time but the utilization will fire up a suspicious skin irritation. Or I will find myself fighting an endless weird odor that stays on for weeks and followes me and my family wherever we go. Or it will just fall apart in my hands leaving bemused, frustrated, and fooled, which is especially terrifying when the item was obtained with the sole purpose to be used as a gift or something.

So I assume it’s not that tricky to figure out how overwhelmingly triumphant and joyful I felt to see the DN8 Plastic Solenoid Valve Quick Connector 6mm Plug-in Type Plastic DC12V DC24V AC220V N/O N/C I purchasef here was delivered in my hands some 17 days after the payment transaction. It wasn’t run down or faulty or stuff like that, it was packed in a nice manner, and following the results of a thorough evaluation it seems like the item is working faultlessly, just as it is supposed to. It looks marvelous, it smells standard, it feels pleasant, so, overall, the money I paid didn’t go in vain.

Had it not been purchased as a gift, I would easily find DN8 Plastic Solenoid Valve Quick Connector 6mm Plug-in Type Plastic DC12V DC24V AC220V N/O N/C a decent use in my own family but I presume it is just a great reason to pay foranother one one day in days to come.

And certainly, it’s more than obligatory to make it clear that theprice is quite justified, and the purchase, more generally, performs a good value for the money. Thanks to the seller!
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Review Summary
To my great relief, the item exceeded all my numerous expectations and was found to be a first-class acquisition.
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