G1/2″ DN15 AC220V stainless steel screw heat transfer oil steam solenoid valve

G1/2″ DN15 AC220V stainless steel screw heat transfer oil steam solenoid valve

Price: US $291.80
Price: US $291.80
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G1/2″ DN15 AC220V stainless steel screw heat transfer oil steam solenoid valve

product use

The stainless steel heat transfer oil/steam (liquid) solenoid valve is an actuator used in industrial process automation control system. It can automatically open or close the valve after receiving the electric control signal to realize the on-off or flow regulation control of the fluid medium in the pipeline. Thus, the temperature, flow, pressure and other parameters in the system are automatically adjusted or remotely controlled.
This series of solenoid valve products can be widely used in textile, printing and dyeing, chemical, plastics, rubber, pharmaceuticals, food, building materials, machinery, electrical appliances, surface treatment and other production and research departments as well as bathrooms, canteens, air conditioners and other people's daily life facilities. At present, it is mainly used for the control of oil fields, air, steam, gas and other gaseous media; and liquid media such as tap water, distilled water, frozen salt water, electroplating waste liquid, etc. It is also used for oils with viscosity less than 4°E.

Product characteristics

Corrosion resistance: The main components of the valve plug, valve body, etc. are made of stainless steel and cast steel, good corrosion resistance.
Heat resistance: The electromagnetic and sealing parts are all made of special high temperature resistant electrical materials and sealing materials, and effective heat insulation measures are adopted.
Wear-resisting: Reasonable material selection, smart use of fluid lubrication between valve plug and valve body to reduce wear.
Condensation resistance: The cold North water of the steam pipeline is an important factor affecting the operation of the steam solenoid valve. This valve is not affected by the condensate water.

The main technical parameters

Model: ZCG series DN15 (ZCG-15,ZCG-20,ZCG-25,ZCG-32,ZCG-40,ZCG-50 Optional)

Material of Body: stainless steel

Working Pressure: 1.6MPa
Working Medium: Gas, air, etc.Saturated Vapor,Superheated steam or hot gas, Water and oil liquid,Hot water, oil
Working Temperature :<=350°C

Applied voltage: AC220V (DC24V Optional)

Power consumption: AC≤70VA DC≤60W
Explosion-proof sign: dIIBT4
Explosion proof number: CE991010
Outlet connector: Internal thread M20×1.5
Ambient temperature: -40 to +60°C


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Expert review
G1/2″ DN15 AC220V stainless steel screw heat transfer oil steam solenoid valve.
Review by: Richard O.
I frequently use web stores to purchase products and always try to be careful when choosing the product. And I hate it when I find merchandise which turns out to be much worse than the seller promised. So I I wanted to write a review here.

My experience tells me that the merchandise was a lucky purchase. A while ago I’ve been in search of stuff of this sort but I couldn’t find anything that could catch my eye. I was always in two minds because of the price or the looks of the merchandise. When I saw this product, I decided to try it and it was really worth it.

Come to think of it I was certain the thing would be poor in quality or would damage during transportation. But it was great to know that nothing was broken and it matches the description at the web shop. Come to think of it at first I didn’t expect anything at all but eventually I figured out that I was lucky to order this model.

For starters, I want to mention the marvelous quality of the materials. For this sort of things, the quality is very significant. As for this model, I think, it is worth the the sum I paid. Compared to other web stores, web shops, this one offered a fair price for the quality of the merchandise.

I’ve been using the merchandise for a couple of weeks by now and up until now everything’s been Ok. Who could think I’d be so lucky to get something that good!
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Review Summary
I liked the product. It’s not easy to find something decent on the web but this time I was lucky to buy something of good quality and for this cheap.
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