NBSANMINSE 4V110 4V120 4V130 M5 G 1/8 Air Solenoid Valve AirTac Type Pneumatic Air Valve

NBSANMINSE 4V110 4V120 4V130 M5 G 1/8 Air Solenoid Valve AirTac Type Pneumatic Air Valve

List Price: US $16.13
Price: US $16.13
4V110-M5 2-5Way
4V110-06 G1-8 2-5Way
4V120-M5 2-5Way
4V120-06 G1-8 2-5Way
4V130C-06G1-8 3-5Way
4V130E-06G1-8 3-5Way
4V130P-06G1-8 3-5Way
Wiring Control:
List Price: US $16.13
Price: US $16.13
item specifics
Brand Name:
Standard or Nonstandard:
Low Pressure
Port Size:
M5 , G1/8
Model Number:
Temperature of Media:
Normal Temperature
Working Medium:
0.15 ~ 0.8 MPa
-5 ~ 50
AC220V 110V , DC24V 12V
Two Position Three Way , Two Position Five Way
Product description
NBSANMINSE 4V110 4V120 4V130 M5 G 1/8 Air Solenoid Valve AirTac Type Pneumatic Air Valve

1, Pilot-oriented mode : Internal pilot or external pilot.
2, Three position solenoid valves have three kinds of central function for
your choice.
3, Double control solenoid valves have memory function.
4, Internal hole adopts special processing technology which has little
attrition friction ,low start pressure and long service life.
5, No need to add oil for lubrication.
6, Several standard voltage grades are optional.

Model 4V110-M5 4V120-M5 4V130C-M5 4V130E-M5 4V130P-M5 4V110-06 4V120-06 4V130C-06 4V130E-06 4V130P-06
4A110-M5 4A120-M5 4A130V-M5 4A130E-M5 4A130P-M5 4A110-06 4A120-06 4A130C-06 4A130E-06 4A130P-06
A number of pass Two position five-way Three position five -way Two position five-way Three position five-way
Effective sectional area 10mm2;(CV=0.56) 7mm2;(CV=0.40) 12mm2;(CV=0.67) 9mm2;(CV=0.5)
Model 3V110-M5 3V120-M5 3A110-M5 3A120-M5 3V110-06 3V120-06 3A110-06 3A120-06
A number of pass Two position three-way Two position three-way
Effective sectional area 10mm2;(CV=0.56) 12mm2;(CV=0.67)
Port size Air inlet=Air outlet=Exhaust=M5×0.8” G1/8” Air inlet=Air outlet=Exhaust=G1/8”
Working medium 40 Micron Filtered Air
Action mode Internally pllot-actuated
The use of pressure 0.15~0.8MPa
Max. poof pressure 1.2MPa
Working temperature -5~50℃
Voltage range ± 10% of rated voltage
Power consumption AC: 2.5VA DC2.5W
Insulation& Protection class Class F. IP65
Connection form Line type or terminal type
Highest action frequency 5 cycle/second
Shortest excitation time 0.05 Second

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Expert review
NBSANMINSE 4V110 4V120 4V130 M5 G 1/8 Air Solenoid Valve AirTac Type Pneumatic Air Valve.
Review by: Kate W.

I appreciate this product so much that I made up my mind to issue my first testimonial ever! I'll admit that when I saw this article when just roaming around online stores once, I had no aim of buying anything. Upon more intensive exploration, however, I was interested by the feature that this manufacturer cares for environmental issues. This may not look all that valuable unless you happen to have, or are interested in possessing nonpolluting goods as far as possible.

I viewed all over the web to see if I could solve my question and saw this product. It’s unacquainted to me, but it has plenty of favorable references and I wanted something like this! So, I took up NBSANMINSE 4V110 4V120 4V130 M5 G 1/8 Air Solenoid Valve AirTac Type Pneumatic Air Valve. It came a week ago, and I was delighted by its winning quality and even with the packaging – a pleasing finding these nowadays. The first thing that I did was test it for the characterization described on this store. No issues there: all agrees with the characterization.

The quality is so much better than I've ever tried or even hoped. I had certain doubting but I was mistaken. This is a solid, well-made product and I recommend it highly. This deal is also a slight present to myself to make my everyday life a little better...

When I was ready to make an order and wanted to clarify certain details – I’m very careful when ordering from a new online shop – back up was very well-wishing and ready to help. They answered all my letters with unbelievable patience. If you knew me, you would comprehend that it’s not so lighty :-)

So here’s the substance of my buyer experiment:

PROS: Cool quality product, rapid shipping.

CONS: None that I can indicate.

For this cost, I am VERY content with NBSANMINSE 4V110 4V120 4V130 M5 G 1/8 Air Solenoid Valve AirTac Type Pneumatic Air Valve. I will for certain buy from this site again.
Overall Rating
Review Summary
I never actually wrote testimonials about an article until I tested this one. AMAZING BRILLIANT. Good item , especially for the amount. Performs as mentioned. Performs better than any of the other products that I have experienced.
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