NBSANMINSE QA – Z -20J /25J Replaced ASCO Pulse Jet Valve 3/4 1 inch Double Diaphragm Valve Clean Air Solenoid Low Pressure

NBSANMINSE QA – Z -20J /25J Replaced ASCO Pulse Jet Valve 3/4 1 inch Double Diaphragm Valve Clean Air Solenoid Low Pressure

List Price: US $32.53
Price: US $32.53
QA Z 20J G3-4
QA Z 25J G1
List Price: US $32.53
Price: US $32.53
item specifics
Brand Name:
Diaphragm Valve
Standard or Nonstandard:
Port Size:
G3/4" , G1"
Low Pressure
Model Number:
QA-Z-20J , QA-Z-25J
Temperature of Media:
Normal Temperature
0 . 3 ~ 0 . 8MPa
Clean Air
Right Angle Type
Bag Dust Collector
Product description
Performance and cost-effectiveness are essential for dust collector systems
Dust collector systems in a wide range of industries, including the following:
Concrete Processing
Grain, Agriculture and Feed
Metal Working (Abrasive Blasting)
Food Processing

15 = G1/2″
20 = G3/4″
25 = G1″
35 = G1-1/4″
40 = G1-1/2″
50 = G2″
62 = G2-1/2″
75 = G3″
76 = G3″
89 = G3″
102 = G4″


Electromagnetic valve ( Also called diaphragm valve ) is the” switch “for compressed air in the dust clean blowing system of the pulse bag filter . Controlled by the output signals of the pulse jet control device , it makes dust clean to the filter bags cell by cell to keep the resistance of the baghouse within the set range and thus guarantee the processing functions and the dust collecting efficiency of the baghouse .

Z type electromagnetic pulse valves is a right angle valve , with the 90 degree , angle between the inlet and outlet , which is suitable for the installation connection between the gas dome and the baghouse blow tube provide good air flow and dust clean pulses satisfying the requirements .

Working Principle

The electromagnetic pulse diaphragm valve is composed of two gas cells . When the compressed air is connected , it comes into the back bags cell though the orifice , the pressure in the back gas cell pushes the diaphragm against the outlet of the valve and the electromagnetic valve stays in the “closed” condition .

When the electromagnetic pulse valve returns to its original position .

The air escape of the back gas cell closes and the pressure in the back gas cell cell rises , which pushes the diaphragm closely again .

The electrical signals from the pulse jet control device move the armature of the electromagnetic pulse valve . The air escape of the back gas cell opens and the back bag gas cell loses pressure quickly , thus the diaphragm moves back and the compressed air blows through the valve outlet . The electromagnetic pulse valve comes into the “open” condition .

Material Construction

Body ADC12 die cast
Armature 430FR stainless steel
Diaphragm Nitrile or viton
Spring 321 Stainless steel
Fasteners 302 Stainless steel

Technical Parameter

Right angle Embedded Inline Plug
Design-pressure 0.3~0.8MPa 0.2~0.8MPa 0.3~0.8MPa 0.2~1.0MPa
Working-pressure 0.3~0.6MPa 0.2~0.6MPa 0.3~0.6MPa 0.2~0.6MPa
Ambient Temperature -25~60℃ Customized for lower or higher temperature
Relative Humidity ≤85%
Working Medium Clean Air
Voltage AC220V/DC24V/AC110V/AC24V Customized
Protection Class IP65
Diaphragm Life Over One Million Cycles
Cv/Kv Call us for detail
Use period
Failure phenomena
Possible Reason
During installation and commissioning
The valves cannot all be opened, but the leading part does act.
Check the gas dome pressure to see if it is too low.
Check the leakage
Some valves do not work, but the others are normal.
Check the valve coil connection and coil
Replace the accessories
The valves cannot all be closed. There is leakage. There is no way to establish a gas dome.
Y-valve. Some valves for the same gas dome are leaking, thus causing leakage for all the valves.
Check the leakage
Z-valve. The valve inlet and blowing muzzle are installed backwards.
Some valves cannot be closed. There is leakage.
There is some dirt or debris on the membrane, ii is blocking the moving iron core.
Clean the membrane and check that the membrane is complete. Check the moving iron core and air lock.
A valve closing is slowly.
The membrane orifice is blocked.
Dredge the membrane orifice
During use period
Some valves are leaking. The membrane cannot close tightly and the valve is always open a
There is some dirt or debris on the membrane, the leading part is damaged. Moving iron core is blocked.
Clean the membrane and check that the membrane piece is complete. Check the moving iron core and the air lock. Replace the accessories if necessary.
Coil is hot and burned out.
It has been turned on for too long.
Check the working condition of the control system.
Voltage exists but the valve does not operate.
Membrane is damaged and the orifice is blocked.
Replace the accessories in time.
Ambient temperature is below -20℃. The valve is leaking and cannot open.
Ambient temperature is too low and here is frost in the valve.
Pay attention to insulation and maintaining proper temperatures.

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Expert review
NBSANMINSE QA – Z -20J /25J Replaced ASCO Pulse Jet Valve 3/4 1 inch Double Diaphragm Valve Clean Air Solenoid Low Pressure.
Review by: Lisa B.

I like this article so much that I determined to publish my first reference ever! I'll acknowledge that when I stumbled upon this article when just wandering around different websites once, I had no purpose of buying anything. Upon more intensive exploration, however, I was interested by the matter that this maker cares for ecological matters. This may not appear all that weighty unless you happen to own, or are interested in possessing eco-sound products as best as one can.

I scanned all over the web to see if I could solve my issue and found this product. It’s new for me, but it has plenty of rapturous reports and I was in need of something like this! So, I ordered NBSANMINSE QA - Z -20J /25J Replaced ASCO Pulse Jet Valve 3/4 1 inch Double Diaphragm Valve Clean Air Solenoid Low Pressure. It arrived this morning, and I was satisfied by its good quality and even with the packing – a pleasing surprise these days. The first thing that I did was experiencing it for the features mentioned on this online shop. No problems there: everything is adequate to the statement.

The quality is so much better than I've ever experienced or even dreamt of. I had certain doubts but I was mistaken. This is a reliable, well-made article and I recommend it highly. This product is also a little treat to myself to make my days a little better...

When I was ready to make a purchase and wanted to clarify definite details – I’m very circumspect when purchasing from an unfamiliar store – back up was very polite and attentive. They answered all my questions with improbable endurance. If you were acquainted with me, you would comprehend that it’s not so easy :-)

So here’s the substance of my buyer impressions:

Advantages: Nice quality article, rapid conveyance.

Disadvantages: None that I can indicate.

For this worth, I am VERY content with NBSANMINSE QA - Z -20J /25J Replaced ASCO Pulse Jet Valve 3/4 1 inch Double Diaphragm Valve Clean Air Solenoid Low Pressure. I will by all means purchase from this online shop over again.
Overall Rating
Review Summary
I never actually left comments on an item until I sampled this one. AMAZING MAGNIFICENT. Excellent article , especially for the charge. Functions as pointed. Functions better than any of the other articles that I have put to the test.
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