NBSANMINSE SMF-S401 High Precision Coffee Machine Flow Meter Sensor Connected To 6mm Hose Water dispenser

NBSANMINSE SMF-S401 High Precision Coffee Machine Flow Meter Sensor Connected To 6mm Hose Water dispenser

List Price: US $11.00
Price: US $11.00
Wiring Control:
List Price: US $11.00
Price: US $11.00
item specifics
Low Pressure
Model Number:
Standard or Nonstandard:
Temperature of Media:
Normal Temperature
Port Size:
Out Dia.7mm
Actuator Mode:
Without Manual And Instruction
Brand Name:
Flow Meter Sensor
Water Flow Sensor
Port Size:
Quick Coupling (Out Dia.7mm)
Flow Range:
Working Voltage:
pulse characteristic:
Pressure Range:
Less than equal 0.8MPA
water dispenser Coffee machine and other fields
Product description
NBSANMINSE SMF-S401 High Precision Coffee Machine Flow Meter Sensor Connected To 6mm Hose Water dispenser

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1, The product looks lightweight and flexible, small size, easy to install.
2, impeller inlaid stainless steel shaft, wear-resistant forever.
3, the seal with the upper and lower force of the structure never leaks.
4, Hall components imported, water-proof design, to prevent water.
5, multi-pole high temperature stainless steel 3 times higher than the traditional precision.
6, all raw materials are in line with ROHS testing standards.
Product description:
Water flow sensor is mainly composed of plastic valve body, water flow rotor assembly and Hall sensor.
It is installed in the water heater inlet, used to detect inflow, when the water flow through the rotor assembly,
Magnetic rotor rotation and speed with the flow rate changes, the Hall sensor output corresponding pulseSignal, feedback to the controller, the controller to determine the size of the water flow, the regulation.
Severe impact and chemical erosion are strictly prohibited.
Do not throw or crash.
Medium temperature should not exceed 120 degrees
Second, the output waveform: square wave
Lead the way:
1 Red IN then positive
2 Yellow OUT signal output line
3 Black GND connected to the negative
Frequency: F = 98 * Q (L / Min) Error: ± 2% The flow rate of 1L, that is, 98 * 1 * 60 is equal to the number of pulses flowing through 1 liter of water. Voltage: 3.5-12VDC, current can not exceed 10mA, finished a liter of water output 5880 pulses
Ie frequency calculation = constant 98 * unit flow (L / min) * time (seconds)
Flow range: 0.3-6L / min
Technical Parameters:
Quick Connector:
Pulse characteristics of F = 98 * Q, F said the frequency, Q said the flow unit liter / min, then the diameter 5-7mm silicone tube, diameter 7mm, inlet diameter can be done 1.5-4mm, buyers can according to their own flow Range selection. The inner diameter of 1.5mm flow range is 0.2-2L / min, the inner diameter of 3mm flow range is 0.3-4L / min, the inner diameter of 4mm flow range is 0.3-6L / min.
Commonly used diameter is 1.5mm, other inner diameter to be customized, contact the seller before the shoot

Expert review
NBSANMINSE SMF-S401 High Precision Coffee Machine Flow Meter Sensor Connected To 6mm Hose Water dispenser.
Review by: John O.
I buy things via the internet quite a lot but sometimes you don’t get what you the seller promised you. This time it was worth the effort.

The thing that drew my attention was the design. I didn’t think I’d see merch like this at an online store. So initially, I came to like the product in no time. Though I was not sure about the quality when I placed the order for it. Back then I thought I’d better not expect anything special. In the end I misjudged the seller.

When it came I was astonished by the quality of the product. In my opinion, you rarely purchase such product made of proper materials. This one turned out to be a fine deal! I’m glad I got it. I didn’t expect I’d get something of high quality in the internet. I saw a couple of similar products from other sellers but there was nothing worth my attention. Either the outward appearance or the quality seemed too poor so kept searching.

I was after a gift for my partner and I was lucky I got this item. I hear the item is really popular among certain people. My partner has been using it for a week now and appears undoubtedly happy. So I’d say I was lucky to find this web site.
Overall Rating
Review Summary
it’s great I got this product. The seller offered good quality and price by contrast to others. No complaints.
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