NBSANMINSE US 15 20 25 High Temperature Steam Valve G 1/2 3/4 1 Brass Solenoid Valve Air Valve for Water Oil Air Gas 2018

NBSANMINSE US 15 20 25 High Temperature Steam Valve G 1/2 3/4 1 Brass Solenoid Valve Air Valve for Water Oil Air Gas 2018

List Price: US $53.45
Price: US $53.45
US 15 G1-2
US 20 G3-4
US 25 G1
List Price: US $53.45
Price: US $53.45
item specifics
Brand Name:
Power Source:
Standard or Nonstandard:
High Pressure
Port Size:
G1/2" , G3/4" , G1"
Model Number:
Temperature of Media:
Normal Temperature
Actuator Mode:
Without Manual And Instruction
Working Medium:
Air , Water , Steam
Motion Pattern:
Guide Type
Normal Close Type
Operation Fluid Viscosity:
20 CST ( Below )
Working Pressure:
Operating Temperature Range:
-5 ~ 180 C
Voltage Range:
+ - 10 %
Product description
Size :
15 = 1/2″
20 = 3/4″
25 = 1″
35 = 1-1/4″
40 = 1-1/2″
50 = 2″

The images shown are not all the actual item and are for your reference only
1 . Adopt steeple – crowned structure ; automatically sealed compensation could extend the useful life of this valve
2 . Solenoid magnetic field design could reach higher voltage .
3 . The balance design of piston clearance could reinforce the reliable use of this valve in higher temperature .
1 The pipeline fluid must same as solenoid valve marked medium .
2 Fluid temperature must be less than the marked temperature .
3 Pay attention to the environmental temperature on the influence of solenoid valve .
4 Solenoid valve is divided into normally closed and normally open . General choose normally close , power on is open and power off is shut down ; But in the open for a long time and very short close time to choose the normally open type .
5 General solenoid valve is not waterproof , when needs waterproof model , we can be customized .
6 Nominal pressure solenoid valve of the highest calibration must be more than the highest pressure in the pipeline , otherwise life will shorten or other unexpected circumstances .
7 Corrosive liquid should be chosen in all stainless steel type , appropriate chooses the corrosive fluid plastic king (SLF ) solenoid valve
8 Explosive environment must choose the corresponding explosion-proof products

Working Medium
Air , Water , Steam
Motion Pattern
Guide Type
Normal Close Type
Aperture of Flow Rate
CV Value
Port Size
Operation Fluid Viscosity
20 CST ( Below )
Working – Pressure
1 – 15 kgf / cm 2
Max .Pressure
22.5 kgf / cm 2
Operating Temperature Range
– 5 ~ 180 ℃
Voltage Range
± 10 %
Material Of Body
Material Of Oil Seal

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Expert review
NBSANMINSE US 15 20 25 High Temperature Steam Valve G 1/2 3/4 1 Brass Solenoid Valve Air Valve for Water Oil Air Gas 2018.
Review by: Benjamin P.
I always buy things via the internet and always try to be careful when looking for something expensive. Sometimes you order a product that turns out to be worse than expected. So I I wanted to write a review here.

Surely the item was a a good purchase. Some time ago I’ve been on the lookout for a model of the same design but I couldn’t find anything I liked. I was always doubting either about the cost or the eye appeal of the thing. When I saw this merchandise, I decided to try it and I got what I wanted.

At first I didn’t doubt that the model would be off-grade or happen to be damaged during shipment. But it was great to find out that it came safely and it fits the description on the web page. The truth is at first I didn’t expect much but in the end discovered that I was lucky to acquire this product.

For starters, I want to mention the high quality of the materials. For this sort of items, the quality is important. As for this model, If you ask me, my experience tells me, it is worth the the sum I paid. If you compare it with other sellers, this one offered quite a low price for the quality of the merch.

I’ve been using the item for some time by now and up until now there was no problem at all. Who could expect I’d be so lucky to purchase something that good!
Overall Rating
Review Summary
I loved the stuff. Usually you don’t expect to find something decent on the web but this time I had luck to obtain something decent and for good money.
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