Neodymium Super Strong Block Magnets Hole Rare Earth Grade 20x10x5mm

Neodymium Super Strong Block Magnets Hole Rare Earth Grade 20x10x5mm

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item specifics
Rare Earth Magnet
Model Number:
With Holes:
Industrial Magnet
Product description

Shape: Block

Material: NdFeB

Grade: N50

Plating: Ni-Cu-Ni ( Nickel )

Color: Silver

Quantity: 10pcs

Size: 20 x 10 x 5mm (Length*Wide*Hight) Hole 4mm

Max Temp (degrees C): 80


Acoustic field: the speaker, receiver, microphone, alarm, stage audio, car audio and so on.

Electronics: permanent magnetic actuator vacuum circuit breakers, magnetic relays, meter, meter, sound meter, a reed switch, sensors.

Electrical field: VCM, CD / DVD-ROM, generators, motors, servo motors, micro-motors, motors, vibration motors.

Machinery and equipment: magnetic separation, magnetic crane, magnetic machinery.

Healthcare: MRI scanners, medical equipment, magnetic health products and so on.

Other industries: magnetized Wax, pipe descaling, magnetic fixture, automatic mahjong machine, magnetic locks,

doors and windows magnetic, magnetic luggage, leather magnetic toys, magnetic tools, gifts and packaging.


1, Strong magnets should Keep away from Ironware and some easily magnetized iron products, such as monitors,

bank cards, computers, televisions, mobile phones and other.

2, Strong magnets should be stored in a dry, heated environment, and need to use of plastic, wood, cardboard, foam to separated and wrapped.

3, Magnets might affect water meter ,electric meter, gas meter and some metering equipment exist some inaccurate affect

(Such as : if magnets placed near the meter, the meter will slow down)

Note: Be careful fragile and clip hand, placed in a dry place, stored at room temperature!

WARNING: We would not recommend this magnet be used by children under 5 without supervision!

Package include

1PC Super Strong Block Magnets

Expert review
Neodymium Super Strong Block Magnets Hole Rare Earth Grade 20x10x5mm.
Review by: Sean R.

I love this item so well that I made up my mind to issue my first report ever! I'll recognize that when I discovered this item when just wandering around the Web once, I had no purpose of ordering anything. Upon closer exploration, however, I was interested by the discovery that this seller cares for ecology subjects. This may not appear all that weighty unless you happen to have, or are interested in owning environment friendly items as far as possible.

I browsed all over the web to find if I could solve my question and found this item. It’s unfamiliar to me, but it has several good comments and I had need for something like this! So, I ordered Neodymium Super Strong Block Magnets Hole Rare Earth Grade 20x10x5mm. It came a week ago, and I was satisfied by its exclusive quality and even with the packaging – a pleasing finding these nowadays. The first thing that I did was trialing it for the characterization described on this online store. No issues there: all fits the description.

The quality is so much better than I've ever sampled or even dreamt of. I had some questions but I was wrong. This is a quality, high-level article and I recommend it highly. This item is also a slight treat to myself to make my daily routine a little more welcome...

When I was ready to make a purchase and needed to clarify definite details – I’m very circumspective when ordering from an untried online store – backing was very nice and ready to help. They answered all my calls with incredible courtesy. If you were acquainted with me, you would understand that it’s not so lighty :-)

So here’s the matter of my buyer trial:

PROS: Great quality article, fast supply.

Disadvantages: None that I can indicate.

For this sum, I am greatly pleased with Neodymium Super Strong Block Magnets Hole Rare Earth Grade 20x10x5mm. I will definitely take up from this webstore more.
Overall Rating
Review Summary
I never actually published reports on an article until I experienced this one. AMAZING MAGNIFICENT. Awesome article , especially for the cost. Functions as pointed. Works better than any of the other items that I have put to the test.
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Verified buyer
New Zealand
OK but watch out they are very brittle!
Verified buyer
All ok
Verified buyer
It's what peraba is. I arrive in 3 weeks.
Verified buyer
very strong magnet!
Verified buyer
Russian Federation
Cool magnet
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