Replacement solenoid valve for Burkert 6014shape G1/8″,G1/4″ threaded version,3/2-way ,Normal closed, brass body

Replacement solenoid valve for Burkert 6014shape G1/8″,G1/4″ threaded version,3/2-way ,Normal closed, brass body

List Price: US $35.98
Price: US $35.98
List Price: US $35.98
Price: US $35.98
item specifics
Model Number:
6014 Threaded type
Brand Name:
Screw Air Compressor
Standard or Nonstandard:
Stable and Durable.
Original Standard
Product Type:
Not Original Parts.
Special Features:
Easy and convenient to use.
Place of Origin:
Polybag then in box.
Shipping Mode:
Payment Terms:
TT,PayPal,Western Union,MoneyGram...
Product description

Product Shows,

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Expert review
Replacement solenoid valve for Burkert 6014shape G1/8″,G1/4″ threaded version,3/2-way ,Normal closed, brass body.
Review by: Judy P.
For openers, you could say that the thing is of high quality. Nowadays it’s not so easy to run into something of fair quality for this price. The material feels good and strong so I think the item can serve you very long. My experience tells me it is highly important in such products. In the internet, often there are lots of products for an extravagant price but the quality nonetheless turns out to be not so great. To that end, it’s pointless making any decision based on the price.

Another thing I liked is that the product is quite comfortable. To my thinking, this factor is one of the first things I take into account. I often happened to order something of fine quality but what turned out to be too inconvenient.

Some also take into consideration the eye appeal of the merchandise. I believe, the given thing looks cool though this is my personal point of view.

Compared to other similar stuff I saw on the web, I can tell this one is number one. Its quality-to-price ratio is good. This quality is no doubt worth the money. I don’t like to pay over the odds when there’s something of comparable quality for less money.

At conclusion, I believe the model is for certain worth paying for. I’m happy I ran into it and purchased it.
Overall Rating
Review Summary
The item is a for certain worth the expense. The quality of the material along with such a bargain price makes this item a good purchase.
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