Solenoid Air Valve 5port 2position BSP 4V110-06 DC 24V

Solenoid Air Valve 5port 2position BSP 4V110-06 DC 24V

Price: US $9.89
Price: US $9.89
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Air Valve 5port 2position BSP 4V110-06 DC 24V
Product description

Model: 4V110-06
Positions: 5 ports/2 positions
Effective Section Area: 12mm² (CV=0.67)
Port Size: Air Inlet=Air Outlet=Exhaust=1/8″BSP
Working Media/Fluld: 40 Micron Filtered Air
Motion Pattern: Inner Guide Type
Operating Pressure: 0.15-0.8 MPa / 22-116 PSI
Max. Pressure Resistance: 1.2MPa / 174 PSI
Operating Tempe: -5 to + 50°C / 41-122°F
Allowable Voltage Fluctuation: ±10% of Rated Voltage
Insulation and Protection Class: F Class / IP65
Wiring Form: Lead Wire or Connector Type
Highest Action Frequency: 5/s
Shortest Excitation Time: 0.05 second

Expert review
Solenoid Air Valve 5port 2position BSP 4V110-06 DC 24V.
Review by: Daniel W.
In all fairness, I am extremely delighted to have sourced the Solenoid Air Valve 5port 2position BSP 4V110-06 DC 24V. It’s not particularly simple to get the right offer of this kind even in a convenience store, so I admire the seller’s endeavour of offering us the product of an absolutely first class quality at such a lovely price.

Corporate responsibility is what I’m taking into account in a manufacturing company, and my buying decisions are immensely influenced by the manufacturer’s goings on. So preparatory to having the item ordered I took it upon myself to look up the manufacturer and the company’s code of ethic.For sure, I was relieved to figure out that the employees are staying in a safe workload environment and that no human rights are violated during the production process. I have to admit that these days it is not happening at all, and I personally detest the thought of buying from a manufacturer that reaps benefits from the staff in an unethical and illegal way.

I presume you will also consider it useful to know that the product was designed as the result of ethical sourcing of raw materials, and with the use of environmentally friendly technologies as well. As far as I can tell, it is a nice reason to make a purchase, especially given that the product induces no allergy or any unwanted health conditions thanks to the unrivalled quality of the raw stock.

When my order was successfully delivered, I got the chance to make sure of the great quality of Solenoid Air Valve 5port 2position BSP 4V110-06 DC 24V with my own eyes. I have put it into service already, and I’m enourmously content with the performance, so it’s safe to say the product actually deserves a positive review.
Overall Rating
Review Summary
A striking item produced from ethically sourced materials with the use of ecologically safe technologies. It’s truly worth purchasing!
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