Solenoid Condensate Auto Drain Valve with Timer G1/2″ for Air Compressor

Solenoid Condensate Auto Drain Valve with Timer G1/2″ for Air Compressor

List Price: US $19.49
Price: US $19.49
OPT-A split-body
OPT-B one-body
List Price: US $19.49
Price: US $19.49
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Screw Air Compressor
Standard or Nonstandard:
Stable and Durable.
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Not Original Parts.
Special Features:
Easy and convenient to use.
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Polybag then in box.
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TT,PayPal,Western Union,MoneyGram...
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Our parts covering:

1.Service Kit:Check Valve Kit,Unloading Valve Kit,Oil Stop Valve Kit,Thermostat Valve Kit,Cooler Kit
Minimum Pressure Valve Kit(MPV Kit),Blow Down Valve Kit,Blow off Valve Kit,Drain Valve Kit,Overhaul Kit,Bearing Kit,Flexmaster Joint Kit
2.Sensors: Temperature Sensor, Pressure Sensor.
3. Controller: Panel Controller
4 .Valves: Solenoid Valve, Relief Valve, Thermostatic Valve, Thermal Control Valve, Thermostatic Valve Element, Proportional Valve, Capacity Control Valve, Pressure Maintaining Valve,Inlet Valve, Safety Valve, Control Valve, Expansion Valve, Check Valve, Shuttle Valve, Automatic Drain Valve,Pressure Regulator.
5 Filters: Air Filter, Oil filter, Separator.
6 Air end parts: Bearing, Oil Seal, Bushing, Gears, Gear Shaft, Overhaul Kit.
7 Cooling system: Fan, Radiator, Heat Exchangers, Oil Coolers, Intercooler, Secondary Cooler.
8 Switch: Pressure Switch, Temperature Switch
9 Transmission: Coupling, Plum Pad, Elastic Block, Gears, Gear Shaft.
10. Hose: Air Intake Hose, High Pressure Pipe.
11 Buffer pieces: Cushion, Expansion Joint, Expansion Valve, Plum Pad, Elastic Block.
12 Meters: Timer, Temperature Switch, Temperature Monitor, Pressure Gauge, Vacuum Table, Oil Indicator

Expert review
Solenoid Condensate Auto Drain Valve with Timer G1/2″ for Air Compressor.
Review by: Caddy S.
I have to bring to light the fact I’m a troublesome customer.

Having been engaged in the routine of electronic buying for a long time so far, I still can’t waive a haunting thought that the product I’ve legally purchased with my own fairly earned bucks will be delivered to me quite a few weeks after making the payment. Or it will be delivered in due time but putting it into use will result in an unwanted rash on my skin. Or I will end up dealing with a preserving odd odor that stays on for weeks and accompanies me and my family any place we go. Or it will plainly crack in my hands leaving puzzled, unnerved, and dummied up, which is peculiarly disguisting when the product was purchased with a second thought to be used as a souvenir or something like that.

So I think it’s not that confusing to envisage how enourmously lucky and happy I felt to witness the Solenoid Condensate Auto Drain Valve with Timer G1/2" for Air Compressor I ordered from the store was delivered in my hands mere 22 days after the payment. It wasn’t messed up or incomplete or anything, it was packaged in an accurate way, and following an all-embracing evaluation it looks like the product is functioning fine, just as designed. It looks great, it smells normal, it feels nice, so, on the whole, the cash I paid didn’t go to no purpose.

Had it not been asquired as a souvenir, I would gladly find Solenoid Condensate Auto Drain Valve with Timer G1/2" for Air Compressor a desired use in my own apartment but I suppose it makes just the perfect reason to purchasean additional one at some time in future.

And for certain, it’s more than obligatory to say that thecost is genuinely acceptable, and the purchasing, more generally, illustrates a good value for the money. I’m thankful to the seller!
Overall Rating
Review Summary
To my immense relief, the product exceeded all the expectations and turned out to be a superb acquisition.
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