Solenoid directional valve 4WE6E61B/CW220-50N9Z5L hydraulic control valve

Solenoid directional valve 4WE6E61B/CW220-50N9Z5L hydraulic control valve

Price: US $63.00
Price: US $63.00
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Without Manual And Instruction
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4WE6A61B series model:

4WE6A61B/CG24N9Z4, 4WE6A61B/CG24NK4, 4WE6A61B/CG12N9Z4

4WE6A61B/CW220-50N9Z4, 4WE6A61B/CG12NZ4, 4WE6A61B/CW220-50NZ4

4WE6A61B/CG24N9K4 , 4WE6A61B/CG12N9K4, 4WE6A61B/CG24NZ4

4WE6A61B/CG12NK4, 4WE6A61B/CW220-50NK4, 4WE6A61B/CW220-50N9K4

WE6 type solenoid valve solenoid valve is designed and developed on the basis of its own technology on the German company Rexroth.
Its main feature is the permeable sleeve screw thread is screwed directly on the body, the solenoid is energized by the suction force generated by direct drive timely reversing slide valve for reversing the movement, the fluid flow control start, stop and change direction.
Reduce leakage due to improper assembly
Back pressure tightness
Uses a specially designed cast within the oil channel, reducing the pressure loss, improved through the oil capacity
Body by phosphate treatment, improve the corrosion resistance
Body main bore imported processing equipment, high precision, can be completely interchangeable
In the case of replacement of hydraulic components without removing solenoid coil and adjust the angle of the introduction of electrical wiring
Wet solenoids, reducing wear and impact armature, increase the bulk enthusiasm, and the reliability and life extension

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Expert review
Solenoid directional valve 4WE6E61B/CW220-50N9Z5L hydraulic control valve.
Review by: Trevor M.

I like this item so greatly that I determined to write my first comment ever! I'll acknowledge that when I stumbled upon this article when just wandering around different websites one day, I had no aim of purchasing anything. Upon more intensive study, however, I was interested by the finding that this seller cares for ecology issues. This may not appear all that material unless you happen to hold, or are interested in possessing eco-sound items as best as one can.

I browsed all over the web to find out if I could solve my problem and came over this article. It’s unacquainted to me, but it has several ecstatic reviews and I was in need of something like this! So, I ordered Solenoid directional valve 4WE6E61B/CW220-50N9Z5L hydraulic control valve. It came today, and I was satisfied by its fine quality and even with the package – a pleasant finding these nowadays. The first thing that I did was testing it for the features described on this store. No questions there: everything corresponds to the descriptor.

The quality is so much better than I've ever tested or even hoped. I had some questions but I was mistaken. This is a time-proof, high-grade article and I recommend it highly. This bargain is also a little treat to myself to make my monotony a little more pleasing...

When I was prepared to make an order and wanted to clarify definite details – I’m very careful when buying from an unchecked online store – backing was very well-disposed and ready to help. They answered all my messages with improbable civility. If you were familiar with me, you would see that it’s not so lighty :-)

So here’s the resume of my buyer experience:

PROS: Awesome quality article, rapid delivery.

Disadvantages: None that I can indicate.

For this money, I am VERY content with Solenoid directional valve 4WE6E61B/CW220-50N9Z5L hydraulic control valve. I will for certain buy from this webstore again.
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I never actually left comments on a product until I used this one. AMAZING GORGEOUS. Perfect article , especially for the sum. Operates as specified. Works better than any of the other products that I have sampled.
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