solenoid valve 1/4 Water purifier quick plug connect DC12V/24V AC220V water solenoid valves

solenoid valve 1/4 Water purifier quick plug connect DC12V/24V AC220V water solenoid valves

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List Price: US $4.99
Price: US $4.24
You save: US $0.75 (15%)
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Low Pressure
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Without Manual And Instruction
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Normal Temperature
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Product description
Function of the product: It is suitable for the inlet solenoid valve of household water purifier, and also can be used for the backlash solenoid valve controlled by various computer boards (except the backlash solenoid valve controlled by the solenoid valve for Self-impulse flushing). Normally closed switch. When the electricity is not connected, the water is not connected until the electricity is connected. 24V DC. Two points at both ends.
Product Description: 2 sub-port fast access water solenoid valve, when the power is connected, tap water passes through the intake water solenoid valve, so that the pure water machine can make water normally; when the machine stops, cut off the water source, prevent the water from passing, and drain away through the concentrated water channel.
Summary: Applied in automatic control system: solar energy automatic water supply, infrared induction sanitary ware, shower and other switch control, the water inlet and outlet port into 180 degrees angle, known as through Yan or linear valve.
Technical performance parameters
Thread size: 12.5mm
Anti-explosion ability: 12kg
Product Material: Food Grade Polypropylene
Rated voltage: DC24V (customized AC/DC supply voltage within 6V-220V range according to user)
Coil resistance: 37+0.25 (at 20 C)
Switch Type: DC Continuous Type
Work pressure: 0.02Mpa-0.8Mpa
Medium Temperature: 1 75 C
Response time: turn on < 0.15s turn off < 0.3s
Electrical Strength: Conductor and non-conductor should be able to withstand AC 2500V voltage, 1 minute without breakdown and arc phenomena.
Insulation performance: insulation resistance between conductor and non-conductor is greater than 100M
Flow characteristics: 0.02 Mpa (> 3 L/min), 0.1 Mpa (> 12 L/min), 0.8 Mpa (> 35 L/min)
Service life: > 500,000 shutdowns

Expert review
solenoid valve 1/4 Water purifier quick plug connect DC12V/24V AC220V water solenoid valves.
Review by: Roberta T.

I am pleased by this article so well that I made a decision to write my first review ever! I'll recognize that when I visited this article when just rambling around online stores one day, I had no intention of purchasing anything. Upon more intensive investigation, however, I was interested by the fact that this producer cares for ecological points. This may not strike as all that vital unless you happen to possess, or are interested in holding nonpolluting goods as far as possible.

I viewed all over the internet to see if I could solve my question and saw this item. It’s unknown for me, but it has a great deal of rapturous testimonials and I required something like this! So, I purchased solenoid valve 1/4 Water purifier quick plug connect DC12V/24V AC220V water solenoid valves. It came three days ago, and I was contented by its awesome quality and even with the wrap – a nice find these days. The first thing that I did was testing it for the characterization stated on this store. No issues there: everything fits the description.

The quality is so much higher than I've ever tested or even expected. I had some doubting but I was wrong. This is a reliable, high-level product and I recommend it highly. This item is also a little present to myself to make my daily routine a little more agreeable...

When I was willing to make an order and needed to clarify certain details – I’m very safe when purchasing from an unfamiliar online shop – back up was very well-disposed and thoughtful. They answered all my requirements with incredible endurance. If you were acquainted with me, you would understand that it’s not so easy :-)

So here’s the matter of my buyer experience:

Advantages: Perfect quality product, prompt shipping.

CONS: None that I can find.

For this price, I am greatly content with solenoid valve 1/4 Water purifier quick plug connect DC12V/24V AC220V water solenoid valves. I will for certain buy from this online store over again.
Overall Rating
Review Summary
I never actually wrote testimonials about a product until I experienced this one. AMAZING GORGEOUS. Good product , especially for the sum. Performs as pointed. Performs better than any of the other items that I have tested.
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