Solenoid Valve DF2-3-B DC24V,AC36V, AC220V Two-position two-way for co2 gas ,argon gas welding machine

Solenoid Valve DF2-3-B DC24V,AC36V, AC220V Two-position two-way for co2 gas ,argon gas welding machine

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Price: US $15.74
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List Price: US $19.68
Price: US $15.74
You save: US $3.94 (20%)
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Product description

Model: DF2-3-B series

Aperture: M10 x 1/8″ OR M8

Use medium: neutral gas, water, oil

Type: straight – moving type

Flow aperture: 3mm

Ambient temperature: – 20 to 50

Standard voltage: AC24V, AC36V, AC220V, DC24V, DC36V

Power frequency: ac/AC50Hz, 60Hz

Range of voltage: 85-110%

Insulation resistance: 20 m or greater

Body material: aluminu
Two-position two-way Solenoid Valve > DF2-B-01

Instructions for order
1. Specify the description, type and specifications of the product when placing an other.
2. Specify the designed use and working pressure of product when placing an order.
3. The factory organizes the production according to the industrial standards. If the users have special raquirements, please kindly advise us in advance. Thank you.

Technical Parameters
Model DF2-B-01
Model Back-flush type normal close threaded type
Joint Pipe Bore M10×1 G1/8 G1/4
Aperture of Flow Rate 3
Working-pressure 0~0.8Mpa
Applicable Fluid Neutral gas or liquid
Fluid Temperature -10~80C
Ambient Temperature -20~50C
Standard Temperature AC 24V36V220V 50/60Hz DC 24V36V
Voltage Range 85~110%
Insulation resistance 20M
Insulation grade Grade B 130C
Material of Body Aluminum Brass
Expert review
Solenoid Valve DF2-3-B DC24V,AC36V, AC220V Two-position two-way for co2 gas ,argon gas welding machine.
Review by: Marie L.
I frequently order products online and always try to be careful with my choice. Sometimes you happen to order stuff that turns out to be of poorer quality than the seller said. So I I think I’ll submit a review here.

I’m sure the item was a good bargain. A few days ago I’ve been looking for stuff of this sort but I couldn’t find anything appealing. I was always hesitating either because of the cost or the eye appeal of the thing. When I saw this one, I decided to take a chance and it was really worth it.

I must say I expected that the product would be off-quality or happen to be ruined during transportation. But I was happy to find that it came safely and it corresponds to the description at the web site. I must say at first I didn’t expect to find a high-quality product but after a while I realized that I was lucky to obtain this item.

For starters, one should mention the good quality of the materials. For this sort of models, the quality is essential. As for this model, If you ask me, my experience tells me, it is worth the its money. As compared to other online shops, this one offered a fair price for the quality of the merchandise.

I’ve been using the item for a couple of days already and up until now everything’s been fine. I never thought I’d be so lucky to order something that good!
Overall Rating
Review Summary
I totally love the model. It’s hard to find something worthy at web stores but this time I got to get something of good quality and for a good price.
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