SR – G – 15 4 MPA High Pressure Electronic Drain Valves Air Compressor Valve Brass Solenoid Drainer G 1/2 DC24V AC220V Sanmin

SR – G – 15 4 MPA High Pressure Electronic Drain Valves Air Compressor Valve Brass Solenoid Drainer G 1/2 DC24V AC220V Sanmin

List Price: US $51.14
Price: US $40.91
You save: US $10.23 (20%)
List Price: US $51.14
Price: US $40.91
You save: US $10.23 (20%)
item specifics
Brand Name:
Standard or Nonstandard:
Port Size:
High Pressure
Model Number:
Temperature of Media:
DC24V , AC220V
Interval time ( OFF ):
0.5 ~ 45 min
Discharge time ( ON ):
0.5 ~ 10 sec
Port Size:
G 1/2 "
Working Pressure:
Product description
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Universeal electronic drain valve in analog circuit solid match the solenoid valve ,electronic timer implementation to the timing of condensed water from compressed air systemuto emissions . Drying machine is sidely used in filter separator gasholder dripping feet , compressed air system components , discharge time and interval time can be adjusted according to different needs .

Characteristic :

Easy installation Automatic

Time interval and discharge time can be adjusted with the test button

Orifice size : 3mm

Heat resistance level : H calss IP65

Filter configuration ball valves , import and export into 90 °

Reliability :

Solenoid valve is divided into normally closed and normally open . General choose normally close , power on is open and power off is shut down ; But in the open for a long time and very short close time to choose the normally open type .

Applicability :

1 . The pipeline fluid must same as solenoid valve marked medium .

2 . If fluid is not high cleanliness , should be installed a filters in front of the solenoid

valve , general solenoid valve is better claim to medium cleanness

3 . Pay attention to the environmental temperature on the influence of solenoid valve .

4 . Pay attention to the orifice and port size ; usually only open and close two type ; Conditions

permit , please install bypass pipe , easy maintenance ; When there is water drain to customize

solenoid valve opening and closing time regulation .

Security :

General solenoid valve is not waterproof , when needs waterproof model , we can be customized

Nominal pressure solenoid valve of the highest calibration must be more than the highest pressure in the pipeline , otherwise life will shorten or other unexpected circumstances .

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Expert review
SR – G – 15 4 MPA High Pressure Electronic Drain Valves Air Compressor Valve Brass Solenoid Drainer G 1/2 DC24V AC220V Sanmin.
Review by: Lisa B.
I use web stores to purchase products quite a lot but every now and then you don’t get what you the seller promised you. This time I was delivered what I was looking for.

What caught my eye was the design. I didn’t think I’d see something like this at a web shop. So to be honest, I fell in love the stuff at once. Though I I had certain doubts about the quality when I placed the order for it. Back then I thought I’d better not expect anything special. Nevertheless I happened to be wrong.

When I got the package I was bewildered by the quality of the stuff. Personally for me, you rarely get, obtain, run into such item made of high-grade materials. the merch turned out to be a good purchase! it’s great I acquired it. I didn’t think I’d get something of high quality at a web shop. I came across a number of similar items from other sellers but nothing good. Either the appearance or the quality looked too cheap so kept looking.

I was on the lookout for a present for my partner and it’s a real luck I acquired this model. I hear the item is rather popular among quite a number of people. My partner has been using it for a week now and seems pretty much happy. So I believe I was lucky to come across this store.
Overall Rating
Review Summary
I’m glad I found this item. The web store offered proper quality and price in comparison with others. Nothing to complain about.
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