U.S. Solid 1/4″ 5 Way 2 Position Pneumatic Electric Solenoid Valve DC 12 V Aluminum Alloy

U.S. Solid 1/4″ 5 Way 2 Position Pneumatic Electric Solenoid Valve DC 12 V Aluminum Alloy

List Price: US $15.97
Price: US $15.01
You save: US $0.96 (6%)
Ships From:
United States
Thread Type:
NPT(used in US)
G (used in EU RU)
List Price: US $15.97
Price: US $15.01
You save: US $0.96 (6%)
item specifics
Low Pressure
Actuator Mode:
Without Manual And Instruction
Standard or Nonstandard:
Temperature of Media:
Normal Temperature
Brand Name:
U.S. Solid
Port Size:
Model Number:
USS- PSV00034
Power Source:
Normally Closed
Working Pressure:
0.15 ~ 0.8 Mpa
NPT or G (optional)
Operation Temperature:
-5 - 50 Celsius
Product description

This is the US Solid1/4″ 5 way 2 Position Pneumatic Electric Solenoid Valve. Itis a switch for routing air to any pneumatic device, usually an actuator, allowing a relatively small signal to control a large device. It is also the interface between electronic controllers and pneumatic systems. This valve allows pneumatic control of position, flow, pressure and temperature.

This valve is a 5/2 valve which means it has 5 ports; 2 exhaust ports through which air is regulated as it flows out, 2 power ports that power the system, 1 supply port for the inlet of air pressure, and 2 flow positions. This valve is made with an aluminum alloy and has an aperture of 1/4”.
Pneumatic types of valves can be found in a wide array of industries. The transportation industry has many uses for them; motorcycle & ATV air ride suspension systems, door opening systems on buses, and garbage truck lift mechanisms just to name a few. They are also found in air lift devices like forklifts.
US Solid pneumatic valves offer reliability, low power consumption, and have a long life. They are have prewired connections that makes installation, maintenance, and control simple.


U.S. Solid

U.S. Solid Model

USS- PSV00034

Valve Type

2 Position 5 Way

Thread Type

NPT or G(optional)

Operation/ Property

Normally Closed


Aluminum Alloy


A=B=P 1/4″ (inlet / outlet)

R=S 1/8″ (exhaust port)


DC 12 V

Applicable Media

Filtered Air

Power Rating (W)


Effective Section Area(mm⊃3;)


Flow Value (Cv)


Insulation & Protection

Class F; IP 65

Working Pressure

0.15 ~ 0.8 Mpa

Max. Pressure Resistance

1.2 Mpa

Direct Operated/ Pilot Operated

Pilot Operated

Operation Temperature

-5 – 50 Celsius



Package Weight

7.8 oz

Package Dimensions

4.75” x 2.75” x 1

Expert review
U.S. Solid 1/4″ 5 Way 2 Position Pneumatic Electric Solenoid Valve DC 12 V Aluminum Alloy.
Review by: Stasy S.
I often buy stuff via the internet and always try to be careful when choosing the product. And I hate it when I find merch which turns out to be of poorer quality than the seller said. So I decided to make a review here.

I think that the merchandise was a good bargain. For a long time I’ve been browsing web stores searching for something of this sort but I couldn’t find anything good enough. I was always having doubts about the price or the design of the merchandise. When I saw this product, I decided to place an order and I don’t regret it.

In fact I was afraid the product would be off-grade or happen to be damaged while in transit. But I was happy to see that it came in one piece and it corresponds to the description at the web site. To be honest at first I didn’t expect anything really but after a while I figured out that I got lucky to acquire this item.

First and foremost, I should mention the high quality of the materials. For this sort of things, the quality is very significant. As for this model, I’d say, it is worth the its money. If you compare it with other online shops, this one offered quite a fair price for the quality of the model.

I’ve been using the merchandise for some time by now and up until now everything’s been Ok. Who could think I’d be so lucky to purchase something that good!
Overall Rating
Review Summary
I enjoyed the merch. I rarely happen to find something interesting at web sites but this time I was lucky to purchase something of good quality and for a nice price.
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