U.S. Solid 1/8″ Brass Electric Solenoid Valve 24V DC Normally Closed water, air, diese, CE Certified

U.S. Solid 1/8″ Brass Electric Solenoid Valve 24V DC Normally Closed water, air, diese, CE Certified

List Price: US $13.99
Price: US $13.15
You save: US $0.84 (6%)
Ships From:
United States
Thread Type:
NPT(used in US)
G (used in EU RU)
List Price: US $13.99
Price: US $13.15
You save: US $0.84 (6%)
item specifics
Model Number:
Low Pressure
Actuator Mode:
Without Manual And Instruction
Port Size:
Standard or Nonstandard:
Temperature of Media:
Normal Temperature
Brand Name:
U.S. Solid
Power Source:
Working Temperature:
-5 - 80 degree Celsius
24 V DC
G or NPT (optional)
Pressure (air, water):
0 - 0.7 MPa
Pressure (oil):
0 - 0.5 MPa
Product description

U.S. Solid normally closed (N/C) electric solenoid valve is constructed with a brass body, two-way inlet and outlet ports with one-eighth inch (1/8″) female threaded connections, and Viton gasket.

Suitable for use with hot or cold water, gas, air, very low viscosity fluids (< 21 cst), oils and hydrocarbons, gasoline, kerosene, or diesel fuel, e.g. Suitable for outdoor use. Not for use underwater. Customers chose this general purpose valve for: do-it-yourself projects, moderate temperature applications, water exchange for aquarium, air horn, or bleeding moisture from an air tank.

Pipe Size: 1/8″

Flow Aperture: 2.5 mm

Body Material: Brass

Gasket / Diaphragm / Seal: Viton

Thread: G or NPT (optional)

Operation Type: Direct Lift Valve

Operation Mode: Normally Closed

Electric Current: Direct

Voltage: 24 volts, + or – 10%

Current: 0.583 A

Power rating: 14 Watts

Specifications for Pressure, Flow, Temperature

Operational pressure range: Air, Water, Gases: 0 to 101 PSI; Oil: 0 to 72 PSI

Flow capacity: 0.23 gallons per minute (GPM) of water at 60 oF with a pressure drop of 1 PSI

Flow value: 0.23 Cv

Temperature, Minimum:23 degrees Fahrenheit (-5 degrees Celsius)

Temperature, Maximum: 248 degrees Fahrenheit (120 degrees Celsius)

Suitable Media

Air, water, oil, gas, Diesel fuel, kerosene etc. Can not be used in strong acid, strong base, waste water, industrial gas and other media containing many impurities.


1. OVERHEATING WARNING: Not designed for continuous operation(not a 100% duty cycle). While energized, under normal operating conditions, solenoid valve will get HOT.

The coil will reach a maximum temperature of about 80 degrees celsius. It is fully complied with national standard: JB/T7352-2010. If energized continuously for more than 8h the coil may burn.

2. This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.

Expert review
U.S. Solid 1/8″ Brass Electric Solenoid Valve 24V DC Normally Closed water, air, diese, CE Certified.
Review by: Lisa B.
I buy stuff at web stores all the time but there are time when you don’t get what you expect. This time I was lucky.

The first thing that came to my notice was the design. Who could expect I’d see something like this in the internet. So I must admit, I got interested in the stuff at first glance. Though I wasn’t so sure about the quality when I was buying it. Back then I thought I’d better not expect good quality. Nevertheless I was mistaken.

When it came I was surprised by the quality of the stuff. For me, it’s hard to purchase such merchandise made of high-quality materials. This one turned out to be a good deal! it’s good I acquired it. I didn’t think I’d get something of high quality on the web. I saw a few similar items from other sellers but nothing special. Either the appearance or the quality seemed too poor so kept searching.

I was browsing web stores searching for something for my partner and I’m glad I acquired this one. They say the item is very popular among a lot of people. My partner has been using it for 4 days now and appears surely happy. So I suppose I was lucky to encounter this shop.
Overall Rating
Review Summary
it’s a relief I ordered this merch. The web site offered good quality and price compared to others. No problems with the product.
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